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Running and its benefits


Interesting article – running and its benefits, will be useful to every reader who wants to not only lose weight but also to restore the vigor and activity of life.

Running is a simple and effective way to lose weight, which perfectly helps to cope with a bad mood. Running helps to be cheerful and upbeat not only for one day, but permanently.

Many will say that running is not effective for weight loss, after which

only you feel very hungry, and the pounds return. Of course, if you run in the morning and immediately eat, you can still return the unwanted pounds.

So you should be extremely careful and strict with himself.

Want to lose weight – don’t fill up immediately after the run, and find, through being able to eat well, but don’t forget to constantly be in motion. Because a sedentary way of life will never lead to an efficient result.

Make it so that running has become their favorite pastime.

Before you start running, you should choose the right clothes and shoes. Choose a high-quality sneakers that will be both comfortable and comfortable.

Because footwear plays an important role in running exercises. Clothes always choose according to the season, but not from cotton material.

The best time for Jogging is certainly morning. As the lethargy of the body immediately disappear, and the activity provided throughout the day, as well as good and cheerful mood.

Also you should know that moderate physical exercise, Your brain produces hormones of happiness – endorphins, that beautiful mood.

Before you run, do light exercise to warm up and warm up muscles. After all, once you can not run, not to injure the muscles. Before morning runs upload to your player some music and go for a run. The music running is not monotonous and interesting.

You should know that while running burn more calories than during normal walking, and stress on the bones and joints increases 5-10 times.

To avoid injury, exercise should be constant with a good period of rest in between.

To morning jogs you have to teach yourself, but how? Prepare in advance: put sport clothes in a prominent place, select shoes that will be running.

Waking up, you will not waste time looking for things.

Also anyone about their plans in the morning tell. If You support a family, then You will want definitely to run. Also do not forget the alarm clock set for 10 minutes before you expect to get out of bed.

At first it will be difficult to get up and go for a run, but still try not to miss classes. If you develop this habit for 21 days, then You will have no problem.

You have to consider the fact that while running work your abdominal muscles and spinal erectors, square, the loin muscle.

Work great hips, namely works the gluteus Medius muscle and small, adductor muscle and deep, which are responsible for the rotation of the leg in the hip joint.

Shin also works well while running: strained calf muscle or a group of muscles that stabilize the ankle joint.

Before you try a juicy berry, we have to find out how useful persimmon .

Orange diet for weight loss is designed for cleaning the body of unnecessary accumulated toxins.

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Lose weight with the help of Hoop possible, because the Hoop massaging the problem areas women.

One of the best ways how to relieve fatigue in the kitchen is of course charging.