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How to remove muscle fatigue after exercise


Your physical status I am constantly engaged in during the past 18 years, and during that time have experienced many different ways to recuperate after training. Initially one should understand that the training process does not end with the exit of the gym. The constant rhythm of life, daily routine, eating right, getting enough sleep promote not only good health, but early recovery after training.

Rest between workouts is essential not only for stress relief. During a break in a day or two between workouts grow muscles, joints are restored.

This is especially true at high loads, practice with cyclic exercises.

But in my training breaks are missing. The growth of muscle mass I don’t need, and joints can keep a variety of exercises. I.e. alternating Jogging exercises with power loads, cyclic static, horizontal bar with iron, I give the muscle group working on eve to rest while you work other parts of the body.

Of course, such work does not give special endurance or special forces, but it is closer to life. BUT the thing that I noticed breaks in training I just knocked down. Movement is vital. Even in the process of growth of the mass of light exercise for 20 minutes, without quick breath, with a light jog and simple movements from a program school RP, will help to banish the oxygen-rich blood to the muscles and will help to effectively recover and relieve fatigue.

Actually, the holiday starts already in training. It invented a hitch. Part of training, which includes exercises designed to stretch (so relax), to give your muscles elasticity, as well as to drive the oxygen-rich blood and cleanse the blood vessels from the decay products. This exercise with a small load, such as a slow running or walk a maximum distance of one kilometer, and the lightest exercises from gymnastics, and of course stretching. Listen to your body during the final part of the workout. Crispy joints say profilnine the warm-up. Maybe when you power the loads, the more static, the joints and will not make themselves known on the hitch disturbed and “tired” Krasicki beginning to make itself felt.

For stretch marks by the way is the time it is in the hitch. It is when the body is warmed up, most times not allowing e to cool to pull the joints. In some security programs paid special stretching exercise, but daily hitch with the exercises for flexibility can not be ignored.

Massages, baths, saunas, baths will remove tension, relax the muscles. But again there is NO. During the time my old youth, in which I caught the coaches are old Soviet school, my pensionista mentors were banned on the eve of the competition any water procedure (except one, more on that later). Even a warm shower was banned. Hot water relaxes, it is, but the next day at full force the body already doesn’t work.

The only method associated with water treatments, Yes, perhaps, the only one that helps me to stay awake – swimming in cold water. Honestly, from a medical point of view is not very clear. Even douche acts instantly though, but not so deep. Leisurely leisurely swim directly after a workout, maybe instead of a hitch, in cold water for 10 – 20 minutes will remove it.

The test this way five years ago, at first did not think about such effect. But this is exactly what hard training was, and I have two years training for the crossfit system. cold water works wonders. The muscles are inflated, I feel like the terminator, but no fatigue.

In fact after I tried water, I ceased to be interested and look for something new, something that is completely fine with me