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What do you think of yoga on water


Yoga attach great importance to water as a hygienic and therapeutic means.

Yoga uses water for inner cleansing.

It is known that water performs in the human body the role of the vehicle. It supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients and removes waste products of metabolism. To perform the necessary functions of water in the body should be enough, because the day a person secretes through the kidneys, lungs and skin about 15 glasses of water. It is clear that these losses

must be replenished.

According to yogis, many people, unfortunately, almost never drink clean water, and this leads to various diseases. When insufficient flow of water in the body malfunctions in many of its systems, especially it negatively affects the digestive and urinary systems, lack of water contributes to the increase in the concentration of salts and joint disease. Without adequate water, impossible, natural purification of the blood, which is the cause of intoxication.

In addition, water also affects the duration of human life.

Yogis believe that regular consumption of clean water in sufficient quantities is one of the main conditions of preservation of health or recovery after his illness.

They recommend drinking raw spring water is better. At home you can prepare melted water, which properties are close to the spring. For this plastic utensils, pour water and put in the freezer. After the water is frozen, allowed to thaw at room temperature and drink, pre-separating the flocculent precipitate. To store this water can be no more than one day. Melt water is very good for the body, it improves metabolism and, therefore, normalizes the activity of all systems.

If it is not possible to prepare melted water, you can drink and normal.

However, tap water be sure to let settle for at least 20 minutes, the chlorine evaporate. The water should not boil, and it should be at room temperature.

First you should drink 3-4 cups a day, then every 10 days add one glass. After two months, the volume of drinking water should be 10 glasses a day. We are talking about clean water. Soups, compotes, juices do not have the properties of pure water and can’t replace her.

Yoga drink water throughout the day in small portions 2-3 SIPS every 15 minutes, so a glass of water drunk during the hour. Yoga suggest that you always keep a glass of water next.

10 minutes before eating and for 30 minutes after vegetable food not to drink water. If the food contained starch, you should drink no earlier than 2 hours, and after taking protein – 3 hours.

Water refreshes, relieves fatigue, causes a rush of energy, cleanses the body. Think of yoga when a few seconds hold water in your mouth.

Yoga pay attention to the fact that drinking water is necessary in small portions, as if to drink in one gulp, one after another few glasses of water, it can overload the heart.

Yoga is not advised to quench the thirst of artificial soft drinks, as water is in the bound state and does not perform many of its functions, furthermore, these drinks often contain additives. Recipes yogis have passed the test of time and for many centuries was tested by several generations of people. Innovations technical progress raises concerns for health, including future generations, so it’s best not to risk it.