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How to quit Smoking without gaining weight

Quitting Smoking is difficult, especially for women who fear that by stopping Smoking, they can get better. How to quit Smoking without gaining weight – here are the steps that really work.

Why do we get better, quit Smoking

Indeed, according to nutritionists, a certain regularity is traced here. First, nicotine promotes the release of glycogen, which, in turn, affect the growth of sugar in the blood. As a result, the person does not feel hunger

and eat less, and that affects its shape. Secondly, Smoking accelerates the metabolism, allowing the body to burn about 100 extra calories a day. Both of these factors cease to affect the body when a person quits Smoking, so there may be some weight gain over several months until the body gets used to the “new life”.

There are also some purely psychological causes of weight gain after Smoking cessation. So the problem “How to quit Smoking without gaining weight” should be addressed initially at the level of psychology. Someone who is accustomed to hold a cigarette, unconsciously trying to occupy yourself with something else during the period of breaking the bad habits. Most often, the hands automatically reach for food, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds. In addition, Smoking is closely associated with the production of the hormone dopamine, which promotes good mood. To overcome the discomfort associated with quitting Smoking, many people are starting to lean on products that lead to a “happy hormones”, for example, candy and alcoholic beverages. With this approach, and to quit Smoking, and did not recover unrealistic.

Mistakenly believe that to quit Smoking without gaining weight is possible by resorting solely to diet. Not only that, quitting Smoking is so difficult, so you have one stress, the body in the form of diets throw. What to do? The answer is simple – leave the problem of excess weight “then on”, while you concentrate on getting rid of bad habits. Because the organism itself in a short time ( three weeks or a month) will be reconstructed and normalizes metabolic processes – then you will be able to lose weight easier and faster.

What to do to quit Smoking without gaining weight

Let’s start with food. How to quit Smoking without gaining weight? Eat often, 5-6 times a day, but gradually, so as not to overeat, especially at night. Snack on vegetables and fruits, yogurt, but not cakes, pies and crisps. Food, rich in proteins and dietary fiber, also recommended, as it only stimulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, but also ensures a feeling of fullness. Also increase your fluid intake!

What else can make those who want to quit Smoking without gaining weight? Move! Physical activity, exercise, sport your helpers in the fight against Smoking, and overweight. First, it will distract you from thinking about cigarettes, and secondly – will allow to get rid of unwanted calories. By the way, is the best sport that helps to cope with the addiction to Smoking is swimming. In test groups, that is where the highest rates of Smoking cessation and maintain shape.

Watch what you hold in your hands and in your mouth! If you really really pulls something to chew, let it be sugarless gum or Apple, and hands, take a pencil or ruler.

To quit Smoking without gaining weight, try to psychologically prepare for quitting Smoking. Get rid of all that is associated with this addiction: from lighters, ashtrays, etc. If used to smoke “under” coffee or alcohol, dramatically limit your contact with these “stimulus”. Talk to family, friends, girlfriends, that they did not smoke in your presence, was not invited to where Smoking. Good idea to use auto-training – today there are many video and audio materials that will help you to quit Smoking, and, hence, not better.

And most importantly – if you want to quit Smoking without gaining weight, need to quit abruptly, at once, in one day. Don’t smoke, and all. For those who stretches the process, the problem increases a lot.

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