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To restore youth with a scalpel


Modern plastic surgery allows you to quickly and quite simple to correct many defects in appearance. Even young girls go under the knife, wanting to have bigger Breasts, flatter nose, cheekbones more pronounced. However, if they want to receive what nature has not given initially, women in the age of going to the surgeon for what nature deprives them — the youth. Fortunately, ways to delay the appearance of deep wrinkles and folds now abound. To understand the intricacies of cosmetology and plastic surgery “Rosbalt” tried in the framework of the project “the Best half of life” .

In our country, cosmetology and plastic surgery while only gaining popularity. For most Russians mesotherapy, contouring, biorevitalization are something unattainable, but over men, fond of injections of Botox, decided to play a trick. According to experts, this may be due to insufficient awareness. For this reason, in the country there is still distrust of Russian plastic surgeons.

“Not all people who operated abroad, was satisfied. Many people got sad experience, ” explains plastic surgeon beauty Institute Speke Valery Taisumov. — Because often foreign clinics are not like the ones that show in the series. They may not be hospitals, so the client transported to the hotel immediately after surgery. And the price tag is much higher than at home. In addition, the patient may simply not be possible to claim. At the same time, plastic surgery in Russia is very well developed. Due to the high cost of operations in hospitals have the opportunity to constantly train and improve the skills of their professionals, buy the latest expensive equipment, to invite foreign doctors. So now all the fears — it is rather a prejudice than an objective reality”.

However, before you go to the surgeon, the woman should pay more attention to skin care both at home and in the office of a specialist. “As it should be ideally: a woman in 35-37 years periodically goes to the beautician. And when the doctor notices a serious age-related changes, he advises to go to a plastic surgeon, so that, for example, removed the excess skin. But in Russia because of low awareness among women often hold out until, when the majority of cosmetic procedures are no longer “work”. So come to the surgeon in the last stages of age-related changes, when we can offer some options. This bulk operations, time-consuming and serious financial costs. It’s one thing to remove the skin on the eyelids, and the other is to do a full facelift that would cost about 10 times more expensive,” — said Taisumov.

Therefore, since 30 years women is important to find the correct, rational care of the skin using products suitable for your skin type and its condition. One of the main desires at this age is to improve the quality of the skin. However, truly effective treatments for all the apparent diversity not so much, says chief physician of the Department of medical cosmetology Atribeaute Clinique Olga Arbekova.

“First of all, relates to an effective fractional laser skin rejuvenation. The procedure allows to get rid of age spots, rejuvenate and tighten the skin, get rid of stretch marks, scarring on the face and body. A well-deserved popularity biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid injection procedure that provides long-lasting hydration appointed as a stand alone course or in conjunction with hardware methods, creating an ideal environment for the recovery of the skin after hardware techniques and increasing their efficiency,” she explains.

For the correction of age-related changes associated with prolapse of the skin, resort to contouring and thread lifting, the specialist said. But from severe facial wrinkles can be cured with injections of botulinum toxin. However, the patient should always remember that a person under any of the techniques should be natural.

As explained cosmetologist Center of aesthetic medicine Irina a political film Daria Permyakova, procedures such as, for example, mesotherapy, peels, photorejuvenation recommended as maintenance of good skin condition, however the age of 40 many people have a need for correction with the help of botulinum toxin therapy, contouring. “Depending on the individual indications beautician will an essential injection techniques (injection of drugs Botox, Dysport), as well as contouring. All this together will help to push the campaign to a plastic surgeon,” she explains. However, immediately notices that have not been canceled and a healthy lifestyle: maintaining the body in good shape, which has a positive effect on the skin, you need to get rid of bad habits, to pay special attention to food and to exercise regularly.

Here not only as a sport, from the reorganization of a hormonal background of an organism not to go anywhere. And this is what destroys our beauty from the inside out.

“Due to various factors now in women, menopause often comes earlier than it was a couple of decades ago,” says dermatologist-cosmetologist beauty Institute Speke Oksana Koshelnik. — Already at 40-year-old patients we encounter hormonal disorders, for example, reduced levels of estrogen, for women it is extremely important not only from the point of view of General health, but also from the point of view of a skin condition. Just the estrogen is the most important stimulator of the activity of fibroblasts. When the hormonal changes, the skin begins to fade even more actively. Therefore, an important work of not only beauty, but also the gynecologist-endocrinologist. More visible results are achieved in the case when parallel to hormonal imbalance is corrected and used cosmetic procedures”.

Whatever methods of rejuvenation woman is not preferred, particular care should be taken to select a medical clinic and specialist. The market is now flooded unlicensed drugs the use of which is sometimes typical of a small clinic. Such procedures can only hurt.

In addition, it is not necessary to hope for a miracle. After all, if the doctor promises that after one treatment will be able to look 20 years younger, and it will last for 5-10 years, you need to treat it with skepticism. This effect could not give even plastic surgery, which are capable of much.

In most cases, a 50-year-old woman who decided to go under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, can visually 10-15 years younger, doctors explain. But the result is very influenced by hormonal changes in the female body, particularly the climax. According to experts, if done face-lift before the onset of menopause, the result from the operation very quickly may come to naught.

If the time for the operation is correct, after rejuvenation surgery a woman will always look younger than their peers. But do not think that it will be possible for life to stay 35-year-old: the skin will continue to age at your normal pace.

It tells Valery Taisumov, to plastic surgeons about age-related changes in women begin to turn 35 years. However, a facelift strive to make ladies 50 years. There are also unique cases: 75-80-year-old client. “Of course, a full face lift at this age, no one does. Here it is possible to offer only a small operation, for example, to remove excess skin from the eyelids,” says the doctor.

The most common for anti aging surgery — facelift, breast lift, a little less often breast enlargement and even less — some suspenders on the body. You need to understand that all the braces on the body lead to scarring. But after plastic surgery on face unsightly almost no trace remains.

Of course, the pleasure of being 15 years younger — not cheap. For example, a full face lift will cost about 500 thousand rubles. However, it should be understood that such large-scale and long-running operations do very rarely. In most cases, patients who need serious plastic, signs the plan for a year or two. During this time she will be able to make several transactions and parallel to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin using cosmetic procedures.

And not all health permits to do everything at once. After 45-50 years of the body cannot withstand serious anesthesia. A good doctor and a good hospital will always hold a preliminary examination and eliminate the threat.

In General science in the twenty-first century has leaped in front of. Cosmetology and plastic surgery becoming more affordable. To maintain skin tone is possible, wasting no more than 10 thousand rubles per month. However, every woman, regardless of her age and skin condition, it should be remembered that beauty is primarily internal state. And this cannot be obtained in any medical center.