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Elliptical trenger

You are tired to go for miles on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike? Want to train the cardiovascular system, not loading knee joints? In this case, try the elliptical trainer.

Workout on the elliptical trainer is a relatively safe and suitable for people with any level of training. You will receive enough exercise. and your joints will suffer. Include exercises on the elliptical trainer in the program of integrated training. This will vary the usual classes and will support your interest.

What is an elliptical trainer?

Elliptical machines were invented in the 80 years of the twentieth century and represent a hybrid of the stepper and the treadmill. There are options of elliptical machines designed for home, there are more complex – for fitness centers.

With the help of this trainer you can always perform aerobic exercise at a gentle setting.

In most models provides the ability to perform movements that mimic the walk forward or backward, climbing stairs, Cycling or glide on skis. In this case the pedals will move in an elliptical path. However, the notion of “elliptical trainer” is often used very widely. Not every named unit allows a full workout for all muscle groups. Although manufacturers claim that Ellipticals replace all other trainers, fitness experts recommend the use of elliptical trainers as a Supplement to other training programs.

Elliptical trainers are ideal for people who want to practice at home with an average load or to vary a workout program. In addition they allow you to train the cardiovascular system and the body in General and also quickly burn large amount of calories.

Calorie consumption

Manufacturers of elliptical trainers claim that 1 hour workout lose up to 720 calories. Calories burned depends on many factors, but the average energy cost is approximately equal to the cost of training (intensity and above average) on the treadmill or ski machine.

An elliptical trainer allows you to use all major muscle groups. It can engage people of all ages and ability levels. In the gym with it, you can add a regular exercise program. Home – one machine will allow you to perform a number of different exercises. The use of multiple modes within a half hour per day fine will strengthen the cardiovascular system and help you lose weight. In addition, an elliptical trainer is ideal for older people and those who want to train without risk to joints.

During exercise on the elliptical trainer, the load might be too big. As before any athletic training, the necessary warm-up and stretching. During your workout, monitor your heart rate, so it does not exceed the level recommended by your doctor.

Select the desired model of elliptical trainer is not easy, as their range is huge. Prices range from $ 300 to 5,000 depending on the quality of equipment and feature set.

The use of elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers are recommended for people of any level of training. During exercise, the posture should be comfortable and stable. Before the start of classes, please consult your physician.

What model of elliptical trainer is better?

In the fitness center or the gym you can try the simulator, which there is, but, buying a machine for home, you will face the problem of choice. Evaluate your budget, the need for physical activity and free space in my house. Then compare the characteristics of the models.

Before buy read the warranty conditions and the design of the simulator. Try to work out on it, preferably in sports shoes. Choose a model that is optimal in terms of price and quality.

Look for a trainer that allows you to move forward and backward, most programming classes, has a convenient control panel and smooth running of the pedals. In many models there are several programs from simple “a walk in the Park” intensive “uphill”. Choose a model with a clear and easy to read display counts calories, distance traveled, speed, exercise time and heart rate. If you have little space at home, you can buy a folding model.

Some prefer elliptical trainers that allows you to train all muscle groups. Others believe that it is better to choose the equipment, load only the lower torso.

Let’s see whether the durable materials of the simulator, and how reliable the manufacturer. Make sure you have selected the elliptical trainer can engage people of all skill levels, and move it smoothly, without jerks.

How to conduct training

Training is recommended to start and finish with light aerobic exercise and stretching of medium intensity. This will warm up your muscles and breathe. Before you start training ask your doctor. Before, during and after exercise drink water to avoid dehydration .

Follow the advice of your doctor.

Keep in mind the advice of the instructor and the manufacturer of the simulator.

Use back and forth motion.

Try not to lean heavily forward and move smoothly.

Watch for heart rate.

Use weights and additional equipment.

Excessively increase the load. Feeling dizziness. fatigue or weakness, stop the lesson.

To practice on the elliptical trainer fits the same clothes, and cardio indoors. Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Shoes are does not play as big a role as you do when running. But still better to have a pair of good sports shoes.