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Common mistakes when training on a treadmill – on


About how running is good for health. known to many. And while running outdoors better than indoors, the weather is not always this has. Because treadmill – trainer, which will help to perform this procedure regardless of various factors such as weather and the lack of sports fields.

So, You’ve decided to choose a treadmill for the house as a cardio for the whole family. However, you should know how to properly train on the treadmill. Because if you use a treadmill correctly, can harm your health

more than Vice versa. We list the most popular mistakes made by people exploiting this simulator.

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The music in the headphones, TVs with interesting and uninteresting programs – all this, of course, helps to brighten up the monotonous running, but you must stay alert, mindful of the performed exercise and watching the balance and correct posture, otherwise the effectiveness of the procedure will be below desired.

2. Bending to watch TV.

Returning to the question of posture, the obvious is the fact that vyhledavani with the treadmill at located somewhere in the side of the TV looks not only very aesthetically pleasing, and not useful and physiologically. Because the symmetry of the body is disrupted when one side of the muscle is in a larger voltage than the other. The same can be said about the sight of my legs during the race.

It is very dangerous to turn your head to the side – very easy to lose your balance, that will end in a fall. In addition, turning heads unilaterally pinched artery, which affects the access of oxygen, and about the importance of proper breathing while performing aerobic exercise will be unnecessary to speak.

So watch ideally need only to itself, and the direction of the trunk should also be front.

3. Monotony.

Many of the training run in monotone mode, and it’s hard to say, I expect they all on some progress. After all, the guarantee of any positive shift in the presence of the load. Change the speed, the angle of the tracks, alternate working distances, many trainers have the option of interval running, where the program will adjust the settings. In this exercise you are unlikely to need a TV.

4. Holding the handrails.

Someone doing it for security reasons, but mostly it affects the efficiency of the performed exercises. The emphasis shifts, including on hand that has a negative impact on calorie burning. If you feel insecure when driving – it is better simply to slow down.

5. Neglecting the warm-up.

Many are discouraged from the lack of time, forgetting or not realizing the importance of the warm-up process. But no need to give the workout a lot of time, and if there is no time, simply roll her hips, crushing the lower back, stretch the socks, sit a dozen times – and your body will thank you.

6. A large angle.

How often do you have to run on a steep hill? Hardly. Given that the track – it is an imitation of a normal running process, use it accordingly. In addition, too much tilt entails a desire to hold on to the handrails that are described in section 4. But do not, however, forget that angle increases more «pregrada” caviar that many could be very useful.

7. Blindly following settings of the simulator.

Professionals recommend not to trust the settings a priori simulators. They all display manufacturer averaged without taking into account the individual characteristics and the physical condition of each person. Therefore, it is not always useful to follow what is written on the monitor.

8. Jumping off the moving walkway.

It would seem quite clear that this is unnecessary from the point of view of basic security, but many believe that it will save them time. At the same time, many of these people do not have sufficient coordination to stay on his feet in case of loss of balance. The result of attempts saved seconds are injuries whose treatment can take weeks.