How to eat on race day
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How to be healthy for many years
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Warm-up for dancers. Chinese gymnastics Shiatsu


1. Stretching the meridians of the LUNGS and COLON.

Spread your legs slightly wider than shoulders. Your toes to the sides. Take your hands behind your back with the palms back. Interlock your palms with each other bent his thumbs and spread the fingers as wide as possible.

Lifting his head up, take a breath, look up at the ceiling. Breathe out and, without bending the knees, lean forward, your back must remain

straight. Without bending your elbows, pull them up over his head and, to the extent possible, put your hands in front. Start to breathe, filling your body with energy Ki (or Qi): inhale, the belly and imagine how Qi flows from the center of the body to the arms and legs. With this You will feel a stretch along the back edge of the legs, back and hands.

Exhale slowly and imagine how Ki is allocated, allowing Your body to relax. Repeat the breathing for another 2 or 3 times. Now slowly return to the starting position.

2. Stretching the meridians of the STOMACH and SPLEEN.

Sit on the floor in the pose of Sasa (knees together, back side feet touch the floor). With back straight. Lean on hands behind yourself so that the fingers looked forward. Inhale and lean back. Slowly exhale and slowly bend by moving the hips forward and upward. Let Your head calmly lean back. Breathe in the same way as in the first exercise: inhale and fill Your body with Ki. You will feel the tension line passing through the anterior surface of the thighs down to the 1st and 2nd toes and along the chest up to the throat. Relax after the exhale, and then repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

If the exercise is easy, it is possible to complicate it slightly: try to lean on the floor or even lie on your back, stretching his arms above his head. Feel the rise of tension in the lower back.

Leaning on hands, return to the starting position. Lean forward, providing the tension in the opposite direction. Loosely clenched fists keep tapping the lower back to relieve tension arising in this area.

3. Stretching the meridians of the HEART and the COLON.

Sit on the floor, bend your legs, connecting the foot soles to each other, in front of him. Tighten the foot, holding their hands, as close to the groin area. Straighten your back. Inhale, bend forward, trying to keep the back completely straight.

On the exhale head down to your feet, put your elbows in front of knees, keeping the hips as low as possible. Try to keep the head, elbows and knees were as close as possible to the floor.

4. Stretching the meridians of the BLADDER and KIDNEYS.

Sit on the floor, with their hands stretched out. Straighten the back. Feet maximum bend at the instep so that the toes were directed in your direction, and heel forward. Raise your hands above your head, fingers pushing and expanding the palm outwards.

Look up at the ceiling. Inhale, then exhale, bending forward and trying to reach your toes. Knees do not bend.

Breathe deeply and feel the tension coming from the waist down to the feet. Relax your neck so that Your head is freely bent to the feet. Stretch your arms forward and feel the tension in his back and hands. Slowly exhale and relax completely. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

5. Stretching of the TRIPLE HEATER meridians and the HEAD of the HEART.

Sit on the floor, back straight. Cross your legs in front of him so that his left leg was in front of the right.

Without the efforts of the fold the knees as close as possible to the floor. Put your right hand on his left knee, and left to right so that the left hand was in front of the right. Inhale and while exhaling, bend forward.

Relax your neck so that your head is freely bent down. Move the body forward and down to the feet. Inhale deeply and fill your body with Ki. At this point You should feel the tension that occurs in the upper back and on the outer surface of the arms and legs. Relax, exhale and repeat the exercise 2-3 times.