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Breathing exercises Strelnikova for the treatment of bronchial asthma


Static and dynamic breathing exercises, to perform under which is included in the set of breathing exercises A. N. Strelnikova, which is known and applied in our country and abroad. Individual exercises this type of exercise were found to be effective before the war, but the copyright on the unique methodology were reported in 1973.

Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova has developed a set of exercises for voice restoration. But this technique has proved very effective and in many diseases of the respiratory system as it is aimed at strengthening

the respiratory muscles, improve air exchange in the lungs, improving the patency of the bronchial tree.

Excellent results have shown Strelnikova gymnastics in bronchial asthma. Breathing exercises not only reduce the frequency of attacks, but can stop an attack of breathlessness in patients with bronchial asthma.

The principles of breathing exercises Strelnikova

When you create your techniques A. N. Strelnikov was guided by several fundamental principles:

Breath is the fundamental principle of breath. From its depth and vigor depends on the force and effectiveness of the exhale. So most of the exercises Strelnikova gymnastics is designed to train the breath. To learn how to breathe correctly recommended exercise Burning smell! Alarm!” Imagine that you sensed the strange smell and take short, active breaths, wondering when this aim to gain a deep breath, and trying to draw him deeper. The breaths are the diaphragm and the bottom of the stomach through the nose.

Exhalation is a passive, involuntary respiratory movement. It should stay that way: forcing active pushing yourself air Strelnikova unacceptable, as it violates the natural breathing rhythm. In patients with bronchial asthma difficulty arises precisely when you exhale. Relieved exhalation is achieved by squeezing the chest on the outside with the help of a specially selected poses and accessories (towel or wide belt, tightening the lower part of the chest).

Rhythm. For Strelnikova, for vocal teachers is very important. But, as it turned out when applying gymnastics, right, adjusted the rhythm of breathing “discipline” of the respiratory muscles. Therefore, system exercises Strelnikova performed in the rhythm of a marching step, and under the bill.

The number of repetitions for each exercise in the exercises Strelnikova equal to or a multiple of 4. Fact four – the musical value of the size that is best suitable for exercise.

Exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova in bronchial asthma

Patients with bronchial asthma, it is recommended to perform breathing exercises twice a day (morning and evening).

Exercise 1. “Jaws” – a kind of warm-up.

I. p. standing with feet at shoulder level, his head up, hands are freely lowered along the body.

Short, sharp breaths through the nose with the noise combined with the compression fingers into fists. Then a calm, smooth exhale with relaxation of the brush.

The exercise is repeated 4 times, then pause for 3-5 seconds, and another approach to 4 times. As I left the number of breaths increases each time by 4.

Exercise 2. “Pogonici”

I. p. standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands compressed in fists on his belt.

Short, noisy, intense breath is performed with simultaneous straightening of the arms, as if being wrung out or dumping the load. At the beginning of inhalation fists unclenched, arms stretched like a string, tense shoulders and widely Rastafarians fingers. On the exhale, return to starting position. Moreover, the air you exhale is not ejected by force, and passively, gently released.

Exercise 3. “Pump”

I. p. standing or sitting; back, shoulders and arms relaxed.

The exercise begins with tilt forward with a round back, head down, hanging down freely by hand. At the end point of the slope produced a sharp, short breath.

Exhaling, straighten up slightly, exhaling through the mouth.

To perform this exercise, there are some limitations: patients with degenerative disc disease and herniated discs, with increased arterial and intracranial pressure, for kidney stones and gallstone disease should limit the depth of the slope when you inhale.

Exercise 4. “Cat”

I. p. standing position; feet shoulder width apart, arms slightly bent at the elbows. Hands hanging relaxed at the waist.

The exercise begins with the turn of the hull to the right. At the end point of the turn — shallow, abrupt squat combined with a sharp, short breath. Then the same left turn. The exhalation occur by themselves passively between breaths. With every turn tassels made a movement as if Strahovanie water with hands.

Exercise 5. “Embrace your shoulders”

I. p. standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands folded, as in the lesson and are raised to shoulder level. On the inhale, as usually sharp, short and noisy, hands jump on the shoulders, as if embracing them. Moreover, the movement of the hands should be parallel and not cross-wise. During inhalation the head slightly backwards. Exhalation is a passive, involuntary, returning the hands to the original position.

This exercise requires some degree of fitness. It is recommended to perform only those who are engaged by Strelnikova method already 2-3 weeks.

Exercise 6. “Turns heads”

I. p. to Perform this exercise standing, sitting, lying. Shoulders and arms relaxed.

Short, sharp breaths combined with turning your head right or left. Exhalations are performed involuntarily.

When the signs of asthma patients with bronchial asthma, it is recommended to complete the “Pump”, “Embrace your shoulders” and “turning heads”. With these exercises it is better to perform sitting, tightening at the waist with a wide belt or girt with a towel. This will ease the difficult breathing out.

The method authors argue that performing breathing exercises, not only can reduce the frequency of asthma attacks, but also to completely cure this insidious disease.

Traditional medicine does not hurry with such radical conclusions: medication independently to reduce or halt not worth it, even if you can see obvious improvements. But in General, conventional doctors sympathetic to the methodology Strelnikova and often recommend it to their patients as an auxiliary method of treatment of asthma.