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Exercise in the workplace – more unnecessary movements


The world health organization called “sedentary” one of the most dangerous “bad habits” of modernity, the year it kills more than 5 million lives. What if you work sitting, and sports don’t have the time and effort? By following a few simple tips, you can right now, without leaving the workplace can help your health and avoid many diseases.

According to a study published in the medical journal ” The Lancet” in July of last year, lack of exercise is the cause of 9% of premature deaths. Increases the risk of developing serious ailments such as heart

failure and diabetes. Moreover, the researchers found that the occurrence of breast cancer and bowel often directly related to the low level of physical activity.

Change your lifestyle and force myself to exercise – not an easy task. It would seem wise to find just a couple of extra hours a week for running, Hiking in fitness or Cycling – and the problem is solved. But while the implementation of the “Napoleon” postponed plans “then on”, our body continues to be like sitting in front of the computer, in front of the TV.

In the above-mentioned study suggests that even small increases in physical activity (10-25%) significantly changes the situation and is able to save over a million lives annually.

The main thing is not to neglect the little things. Do as much “extra” movements! They are good for you. Useful to all, even if very little variety: a few additional steps, turns, tilts.

Doing exercises

Many scientists believe that the position is “sitting” is unnatural and frankly harmful to humans. When we sit, our body experiences the maximum load on the spine, significantly decreased blood supply to the intervertebral discs. Muscles are almost without movement, slows blood circulation, important compressed vessels, worsening the power of the brain. The result is headaches, swelling, increased fatigue, reduced levels of concentration. In a word, to sit a long time is bad – it’s a scientific fact. Nevertheless, we have to hold it in this position for many hours at work, in transport, and at home, sit, or rather lie, than moving.

There are several ways to help your body.

First, it is important to organize the workplace. Try to adjust the table and chair so you can sit straight and comfortably. Secondly, 2-3 times a day do easy exercises – just a few exercises, but the benefits for the body will be enormous.

1. Breathing exercises: slowly take a deep breath and exhale. Repeat 10 times. Exercise you can do, like sitting at the table, and standing. The main thing is to straighten up, to relax and concentrate only on your breathing. In these 20-30 seconds there should be nothing but your breathing.

2. Sitting on a chair, slowly straighten and raise, one and then the other leg, holding them in position parallel to the floor for 5 seconds. Exercise repeat 15-20 times.

3. An exercise that will activate all the muscles and stretching my body. Standing with his back to the wall, feet together, do slow squats, heel try not to tear off from a floor. Repeat 6-10 times. If it is not possible to leave the workplace and do the exercise standing up. You can replace it with a simplified version: keep your back straight, stand up and sit on a chair 20-25 times.

4. Exercise for strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh. Hold the knees fist (can be replaced with any similar width item: water bottle, mug, etc) and, as much as possible by tensing the muscles of the legs, squeeze it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 15-20 times.

5. Stand up straight, raise up on your toes, stay in this position for 5 seconds, get down on a flat foot. Repeat 15-20 times. The exercise can be performed sitting, but don’t forget to keep the foot in position “toes”, so that the muscles were stretched at least 5 seconds.

6. Exercises to relieve stress and pain in the neck, shoulders and head. Head down, shoulders on the contrary, try to lift up. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Repeat 10-15 times. Sitting on a chair, round back, after 3-5 seconds, stand tall, pull your shoulders back as far as possible, as if trying to bring shoulder blades together. Repeat 10-15 times. Also very useful head rotation clockwise and counterclockwise.

7. One of the most common ailments that provokes “sedentary” – varicose veins. The first signs that the disease can start soon: tired legs in the evening, swelling, a burning sensation and light cramps in the legs. To prevent the development of varicose veins should be done for maximum leg warming up during the day. In addition to the exercises described above can, sitting at the table, to make the rotation of the feet (as often as possible), to roll the foot from toe to heel. It is advisable to sit a long time in shoes with high heels. Try to change your shoes at least a couple of hours during the working day. It is very important that several times a day, my feet were “above the heart”. This is necessary in order to improve blood circulation. Ideally to be able to lie down and raise legs on the couch, or sit, for a few minutes, his feet on a table. If this is not possible, you can use a small stand for my legs to be in the sitting position, they were slightly higher. The feet should be straight, to sit with crossed legs bad for your veins because such a provision prevents normalno circulation.

Select workarounds

A healthy person needs to do about 10 thousand steps per day to stay in shape. Those who work sitting down, the chance to accomplish this provision is only in case to have a long walk back. Any trips, even if the transport we’re standing, make it impossible to move. Therefore, every opportunity to walk – its weight in gold and should not be missed. Take a few extra minutes and make a circle around the office, walk to another room, instead of having to call or write a message. Two possible ways (even from table to table) try to choose one that is longer, at least for a couple of steps. Walk in 5-10 minutes during your lunch break, if it is to make every day – great exercise.

And of course “stairs” is an old and reliable way to stay in shape and save on doctor visits. Most importantly, these efforts were permanent, then they will not go in vain.

Meet standing and on the move

Meetings and working meetings, which are held standing up, not only shorter but also more efficient. No one will nod off, sitting comfortably in the chair, not immerse myself in the cell and will not have been drawing in his notebook, while my colleagues to Express their point of view. Position “standing” mobilizes, activates attention. Fifteen minutes of this meetings can be more productive time “meetings”.

If you have a difficult conversation, try to walk with a colleague, instead of sitting face to face. This version of the meeting will take the pressure off and, most likely, the conversation will be more successful.

“Off” from the table

Do not make your workplace “fortress”. If you don’t get up from the Desk more than 3-4 times a day – you are at risk. To preserve the health will have to learn how “to leave”.

First, never eat at your Desk. Lunch break – your legitimate time to warm up. Take a rule, whatever was holding it away from the Desk.

Even if everything you need is at your fingertips, try to abandon a pair of three things. For the sake of health is not a sin to use the shared printer on the other end of the office or to go to throw trash in the toilet. Both will allow you to diversify physical activity during the day and to get up more often.

Do not hold in the workplace, chips, candy and other snacks. Otherwise, each stress will invariably end up resorting to these “drugs”. And the desktop will turn into a perfect environment (emotional pressure, junk food, lack of movement) for the development of a whole bunch of diseases.

Physical activity is useful not only for the body. It mobilizes mental activity and improves mood. So the couple traveled to warm up flights of stairs, could be equal to the same amount of great new ideas.