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Running and its benefits
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Healthy skin – healthy organism


Area of clinical medicine that studies the function and structure of the skin as in a condition of normal and various pathological conditions, and also engaged in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases is called in modern medicine in dermatology.

Leather, as you know, protects organs and internal systems of the body from the external environment, but no less in need of care and attention. Because the skin is constantly exposed to aggressive external influences and infection often cause skin diseases with the development in the

structure of anomalous changes. We should not forget that the integuments skin are indicators of the state of the organism as a whole, so any disruption of its internal systems and organs are manifested in the form of eczema and different kind of rash on the skin. What to do if problem has already arisen? To help in their decision you will be able dermatologist .

Of course, to choose a technician should carefully – after all, it should help to cure your disease, but don’t make it worse. Therefore, please only proven medical centers, staffed by doctors of the highest category and professors with vast experience. In such places doctors get to work is not easy, but you can be confident in their skills – by the way, in good medical centers employee turnover is not observed. Used in the practice of medical therapies must conform to the most advanced trends in the world of medicine and best practices of doctors. You have no one to ask for a recommendation of a good hospital? The medical information portal of Intoductory not only contacts Metropolitan hospitals, but also patients ‘ comments about them.

Doctors dermatologists today are successfully treating the following problems – psoriasis, lichen, acne, hives, fungus, allergic dermatitis, parasitic diseases, viral infections, STDs. Is mandatory for the diagnosis of skin diseases (for example, spots on legs can be the result of dermatological problems, but diseases of veins, in which treatment can help phlebologist ).

The advice of a doctor or dermatologist should be consulted if you notice skin sores, pimples, seals, change colors of individual parts of the body. If you experience peeling, excessive humidity or dryness of the skin and continuous itching is highly recommended to get an appointment to see a doctor. Swelling century and modification moles should also go to a dermatologist.

Unfortunately, prone skin the emergence and development of cancer. Moreover, melanoma has a high ability to form metastases and rapid growth. Dermatologist to cure cancer or lupus erythematosus are not competent, but made them timely diagnosis and referral to specialists can be an important stage on the road to full recovery. Generally a person must be extremely careful not to lose sight of even the slightest change in the skin, which is a symptom of a serious internal pathology – for example, of the smallest spider veins on the upper body is often the symptom of a developing cirrhosis.