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Vitamin C in very large jar
  The story of a rather specific merchandise that objectively need not all. Banal vitamin C is sold in any pharmacy, but for the obscene cost of nearly $ 46.…

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Vitamin C in very large jar


The story of a rather specific merchandise that objectively need not all. Banal vitamin C is sold in any pharmacy, but for the obscene cost of nearly $ 46.

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Very simple item. This vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, aka askorbinka. Vitamin C in powder form.

What is ascorbic acid, probably all know. At least in General terms, imagine that this healthy vitamin. Basic information can be gleaned from the same Wikipedia:

About ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is an organic compound related to glucose, is one of the major substances in the human diet, necessary for normal functioning of connective and bone tissue. Performs biological functions of a reducing agent and coenzyme in some metabolic processes, is an antioxidant. Biologically active only one of the isomers such as L — ascorbic acid, known as vitamin C. In nature, ascorbic acid is found in many fruits and vegetables[3]. A deficiency of ascorbic acid leads to scurvy.

Avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis

It is considered that among the symptoms of insufficient intake of vitamin C are the weakness of the immune system, bleeding gums, pallor, and dry skin, slow tissue repair after physical injuries (wounds, bruises), graying and loss of hair, brittle nails, lethargy, fatigue, weakening of muscle tone, rheumatic pains in the sacrum and extremities (especially the lower, pain in the feet), the loosening and loss of teeth; the fragility of blood vessels leads to bleeding gums, hemorrhages in the form of dark red spots on the skin. However, today (August 2011) there were an insufficient number of studies on the basis of which it could validly be argued that there is a link between these symptoms and a deficiency of vitamin C. Only when the number takes extremely small values, manifest some of these symptoms that signal the occurrence of the extremely rare disease — scurvy.

Daily intake

Physiological requirement for adults is 90 mg/day (pregnant women are recommended to take 10 mg more nursing — 30 mg). Physiological need for children from 30 to 90 mg/ day depending on age. Upper allowable level of consumption in Russia — 2000 mg/day [10]. For smokers and those who suffer from passive Smoking, increase the daily intake of vitamin C 35 mg/day

Ascorbic acid, as already mentioned, is sold in any pharmacy. She is in a multivitamin complexes included and sold separately in the form of pills, tablets, and powder. Bought on iherb askorbinka no different from pharmacy neither better nor worse. Banal ascorbico without any additives. The firm NOW Foods is a renowned manufacturer, providing high quality products and offering it at reasonable prices. The company specializes mainly in the production of simple addition, without creating complex multi-component complexes. Her horse – simple packing of certain supplements – creatine, glutamine, etc., etc. Due to the large volume of sales they are able to offer such package goods at prices lower than most competitors.


In General the purpose of the application is obvious – filling lack of ascorbic acid, obtaining beneficial effects due to its properties (immune support, antioxidants, etc.).

At the same time is the most disputed item. About the required dosages of ascorbic acid and even about the need of supplementation in the form of supplements there is no unity of opinions. On the one hand, Linus Pauling and his followers, who consider ascorbic acid almost a panacea and propagandiruya constant consumption of very high doses of ascorbic acid. On the other hand, there are opponents, straight talking that vitamin C (and other vitamins in supplemental form) is just a way to make your urine more expensive.

With scientific evidence effects not all clear, rather contradictory.

in a sports environment, it is widely believed that ascorbic acid is still needed, and at doses significantly higher than the officially recommended (up to 1000mg/day and even more). But these beliefs are at odds with the official approaches of medicine. Ultimately it is a matter of personal choice and preference is to stick to official recommendations or to rely on personal experience and opinions of people.

I personally ascorbic acid is still used in quite high dosages of 200-500mg/day, depending on training intensity, time of year and other factors. Plus, of course, get some of the products. But to agitate to use would be wrong, because it is a personal preference and experience, which are not strictly scientific basis.


With all just impressions. Came medium size Bank, like Bank of protein weight 900gr

Under the cover membrane

Inside 1.3 kilograms of white powder

according to American tradition, the Bank is much larger than required for the amount of powder, so it is half-empty

The composition is extremely simple. Vitamin C and nothing else. Striking only the recommended dosage of 2.25 g (. ). It’s very, very much. Thus scoops in the Bank no.

So recommendations welcome

Recommendations even more surprising. One to three times… that is, until nearly 7 grams a day. Sounds like a bad joke. Actually I advise you not to follow such advice.

Taste – sour, as it should be. Just very sour powder. Who have trained in the USSR in the sports sections, must have been ascorbico in paper bags. Them this thing is no different.


As I wrote in the beginning, the product is very specific. Bank weighing about 1.3 kg contains a huge number of doses of ascorbic acid. If you calculate the cost of each dose, for example, having a size of 200 mg, each dose is much cheaper than the pharmacy ascorbico, that is, this enables the Bank to save for a long time and provide yourself with vitamin C. Can be very long don’t worry that will climb into the locker, and then “Oh, askorbinka over!”.

But at the same time, one is required to shell out quite a decent amount, and this investment will pay off very, very long time, and only when taken regularly. Does it make sense to pay $ 50 instead of the regular buy penny jars in the pharmacy. For most it is questionable buy, to put it mildly. This makes sense for large volumes of regular use, for example, when buying on the sports section. Or if you take the whole family (several families), in short, the best such Bank suitable for shopping, clubbing together

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