Reporting from Paris Marathon
The Paris international Marathon is one of the ten largest in the world and in a "gold" three of Europe, together with London and Berlin marathons. In 2014 was held…

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Fatigue during muscular activity
  Fatigue should be considered as a complex process, affecting all levels of activity of an organism (molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism) and is manifested in the totality of the…

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Reporting from Paris Marathon

The Paris international Marathon is one of the ten largest in the world and in a “gold” three of Europe, together with London and Berlin marathons. In 2014 was held for the 39th time. Running is the most accessible, affordable and, with the advent of special shoes, the safest form of physical activity. The number of runners is growing rapidly worldwide. This running boom. Now in the world annually more than 800 official marathons. City improving parks and embankments for running. Last

year was held the first Moscow marathon, the route and the conditions of which meet international regulations. My first marathon I overcame it in Paris in 2012, and in 2014 I was interested to look at this holiday from the side, especially since I at this time was there doing a test drive of sneakers “Adidas energy Boost 2″ .

So, start on 6 April 2014 came out more than forty thousand fans and professionals running.

The newly elected mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo gave a short speech ” Merci à tous. Profitez de Paris. Mettez Paris en valeur. C’est un moment magique. Bravo à tous.” Transfer case someone doesn’t know French, “Thank you all. Enjoy Paris. Check Out Paris. This is a unique moment. Bravo to all”

At 08.45 sounded the starting shot.

I was pushed at the start, along with camera crews Eurosport, BBC and other took up an advantageous position on the first kilometer, here the Elysian fields are transferred to the Concorde.

First start wheelchair users, they have something like bikes with manual transmission and they go very quickly.

Then in bundles running blind

Then charity

And it already runs the elite world of running. Here is all serious. If all other marathon is a holiday for Kenyans and Ethiopians is a competition sport with huge cash prizes. The total prize Fund of more than 400,000 euros.

Here from the back you can see the winner of this marathon Bekele.

Kenenisa Bekele them Ethiopia is a long shot, setting a record at the same time the Paris marathon 2H. In. SC. And it was his debut at the marathon distance.

For the remaining participants this is not a mad race, which prize is survival pairs of villages in Africa, and the Holiday. It is a Holiday with a capital letter.

Happily screaming fans on the roadside. Happily pounding the drums of the support group.

Joyful weather. From the endless masses come running powerful vibes of the primitive and genuine joy – muscles of joy, the joy of movement.

These not only rejoice that run, but his delight others.

After standing for an hour at Concorde, I jumped on the subway and went to the 12th kilometer of the marathon

in Bois de Vincennes, the benefit of a direct.

By this time the temperature rose to +20.

Runners became hot

All the major marathons are held either in spring or in autumn because of the weather conditions. The main enemy of the marathon this heat and sun (fresh rhyme!). Perfect conditions for a run – 8-14 degrees Celsius, light wind, overcast, sometimes a little rain.

If the temperature rises above 21, with the sun, then people begin to literally breathe. That is, to death.

While I was at Vincennes, twenty people turned from basic distance and ran straight. Liars. Who are we kidding? Yourself? What’s the point?

At the Paris marathon is not only beautiful track

But the best support on the track

Throughout the course a huge number of drummers. Only ceases to be a rhythm to the same group as the front I could hear the sounds next.

The drums – best sound support.

No DJs, like in Amsterdam or Mat voditelj standing in traffic jams because percreta streets as in St. Petersburg or, worst of all, kakafoniya cow developed and pans with spoons and gave them to the organizers of the Moscow races, namely the drums. The rhythm of the run easier.

He runs and manages to cheer up a group of friends from Manchester

This came to not cheer for the runners, and for dad who plays a drum

All 42 km 195 meters with a dog in her arms. Did you know that there are special races where people run with dogs? In specjalnej about running there are quite large sections for those who runs with the animals, they combine walking with Jogging. There are also races where the runners wheeled strollers with children, there are races where. However, as I get a chance and tell about laser, colorful and other races. Running is fun.

Celtic with the 12th mile and went on

The banks of the Seine near the Louvre, just over half the distance. 23rd kilometer.

While I was standing and taking pictures I came up with the idea to run along with the runners. Hotel near wore underwear, t-shirt, on his feet Adidas Energy Boost 2 and went to the 32nd kilometer of the metro.

While food, a short talk about another thing closely associated with the Marathon. About Running Expo.

in Paris, this exhibition is huge

Before the race, all participants of the marathon should be to get the bib number with chip and bag with gifts

Harvested over forty thousand sets

At the show, there is everything that can come to mind in connection with the run: Nutrition, medicine, gadgets, equipment, footwear, electric cars, games, even amulets. Of course the exhibition would need to write a separate post, maybe I will.

25283%2529.jpg” /%

The number of manufacturers of running shoes frightens. You heard anything about these companies? But each of them promises a minimum of a revolution in running.

Here’s a response to Jogging hysteria gripped the world.

From unusual. Liked very much the picture of an artist painting a Run.

But back to the 32nd kilometer of the marathon.

To finish remains 10 miles

It is starting somewhere go many kilometers to meet such an interesting thing “hitting the wall” is when you run out all the power. I mean, everything. That is literally all. Scientifically this is called “Depletion of glycogen in liver and muscles”. About it I wrote in detail in the report from the Paris marathon 2012

So these are the most interesting 10 miles I decided to run along with the runners. The hare, so to speak. No special swarmer security at the marathon was not, so I just took it and ran.

How I ran two years ago this site remember the bad. Remember that it was incredibly hard and endlessly. So, to refresh your memory and you were interested to see the marathon from the inside.

Start Dating outside of the race, shaking, wrapped in foil.

This greenish girl three-quarters of the distance ran completely covered with paint, and then right on the spot fainted. It was cleaned off, gave the skin to breathe and she decided to finish the race.

The support here really need

And then:

Lots of them, but I decided not to remove all to not be too scary.



Oranges, bananas, raisins, refined sugar every five kilometers

That’s water

More than 200 tons of water or 600 000 bottles by 0.3 liters issued to marathon runners

Eat and drink to have on the run

The next kilometer after each feeding/drinking bowls looks like this

But after about half an hour after the marathon again pure

A refreshing shower. At other marathons do a separate corridor for those who want to pour water.

Red basins can take a sponge and run her wiping herself


the last miles of the marathon are through the Bois de Boulogne

Breton fans. The Bretons like to point out that they at least in France, but not French.

A man running with a flag that says “4h.30min.” is called the pacemaker. Those who looks to run a marathon just for this time, running next to peismakerom. Pacemaker is at all time intervals starting from 2H.45 min and then with a fifteen-minute increments

fortieth kilometer very difficult psychologically

The last kilometer of steel to meet the fans with bottles of wine, offering to treat. On this table are treated to wine from Bordeaux, at the same time advertising the marathon in Medoc

I had a 30 gram wine and then how high are. Legs slurred the next 150 meters. I do not recommend drinking alcohol while Jogging

to finish 500 meters

to the finish line 195 meters!

The finish line!

After the finish closed for the fans area.

It tobiassen give out medals, bags with gifts, capes for warmth (after stopping runners starts to shake from the cold, even when hot outside)

In these tents you can get their personal belongings left at the start

About a mile after the finish need to go. At the end are vans with different food, and behind them the exit, where friends and relatives.

The marathon is over! The participants all day will wear medals, and Parisians to congratulate them on overcoming a distance. After the marathon I usually go eat a huge steak and drink a glass of beer, better beer retains fluid in the body, the water, the body responds to the urge to the toilet.

This photo is made in collaboration with Adidas (the link parameters of our cooperation )

Specially for Jogging, Adidas produce a range of equipment and Boost, judging by the significant number of marathon runners using this equipment, they’re good at.


Other potatoey about marathons in which I participated