Fatigue during muscular activity
  Fatigue should be considered as a complex process, affecting all levels of activity of an organism (molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism) and is manifested in the totality of the…

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Raise the motivation! Train in spite of all!


Let’s be honest, to always find the motivation to practice is one of the most difficult tasks in fitness. That is why many drop out of classes, they lose motivation. In this article I will present 18 reasons why that you do not lose motivation.

Raise the motivation!

So here they are:

1. Imagine that you are competing with someone.

Imagine that made a bet with a girl that is slightly slimmer you that you would follow her. Always imagine it a little slimmer and you will never stop!

2. Reward yourself

If you feel that you are well practiced that the job is done well, reward yourself. Buy new uniforms, new gloves for working in the hall or sneakers. You will feel a surge of energy and want it all try and apply!

3. Try a new food

Eat food that is different from your usual diet. No, I don’t mean candy and cakes. Try new fruits, recipes, new dishes, condiments. It will not let you get bored and minimize possible disruptions to the diet.

4. Buy sports nutrition

If you never tried it – buy to try. Take protein or diet shakes, fat burners or energy. Until then, until the Bank regular exercise you provided! It’s interesting to see the result!

5. Watch inspiring movies

Watch movies that motivate you to practice in the hall.

6. Set yourself small goals

Just make sure goals are realistic! To lose 10 pounds in 3 days – not suitable. Select something that is really up to you to go to the gym 3 times a week, eat cakes with butter cream, etc.

7. Listen to your favorite music

Nothing raises motivation, as classes with your favorite music. If you are at home, record your favorite songs and put in my study time. While running, you can wear headphones and then to run will not be so sad.

8. Take a week off

Every 8 weeks take a week off. If you are doing intensively, this week will help you regain strength again and want to resume classes.

9. Train for health

If you want to be fit and healthy – do not drop classes! Eat right, sleep 7-9 hours, train, take care of yourself. Beautiful appearance and well-being will not allow you to drop classes!

10. Practice all the luck

Someone said that you don’t have enough for a month, and you quit? Train them out of spite! Imagine how they will be surprised when you see that you train half a year, year…

11. Want to become slim

If you will be sorely want to lose weight or to make the body, you will achieve it. It all depends on your desire. So feel free to wish the best!

12. Find a partner for training

Two more interesting and more fun to achieve your goals, especially if they have similar! You can encourage each other and share successes. The key is to find, in good faith, exercising partner. )

13. Take the advice of people

So you can learn a lot of useful information. And when learned is put into practice and keep going. Otherwise, imagine the amount of extra information you remembered!

14. Surprise people

No matter whom you surprise: mom, husband, sister or friend. Try to surpass yourself, aspire to be even better. So you never stop training.

15. Compare your photo.

Take pictures every month or two. Compare photos. You see the difference? With each photo you become slimmer and slimmer. Great dope, isn’t it?

16. Help others

If someone asks you for advice, do not deny. By helping others, we feel our own experience and importance to others.

17. Change training program

Change the program of training in the gym every 8 weeks. Then, for a week of relaxation and new 8 weeks with a new program. It will not let you get bored, cheer your psyche.

18. Train for fun

‘ll love your new lifestyle. While you are looking at diet and exercise as forced punishment, the result will be. Try to find a positive side to this, and the result will not keep itself waiting!