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The benefits from swimming in the pool for men


There are many reasons that can inspire us to go swimming, the simplest of which: a systematic swimming prolongs human life.

Another good reason to go swimming is that this sport significantly reduces stress, improves lung function and improves the ability of the brain . During the voyage stand out «happy chemicals», the so-called androgyny — this is the most pleasant side effects that occur when swimming. The benefits of swimming for the human body is huge.

The benefits of swimming in the pool. The benefits of swimming for the body is proven by scientists. Swimming activity contributes to a kind of relaxing functions for our body . we receive from yoga. This is largely due to the function of stretching and relaxation of muscles combined with deep, rhythmic breathing. Swimming is also a meditative exercise, because the sound of his own breathing is distracting.

The benefits of swimming in the pool is to develop the skills of swimming.

Not leaving aside the metaphysical benefits. Research has actually shown that swimming improves brain function . which is associated with the so-called endocannabinoid system, where the brain cells are restored in loss of stress.

The risk of diabetes is reduced by 6% if a week burned about 500 calories through aerobic exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise swimming in the style of breaststroke three times a week, on average, burns about 900 calories, which help to reduce the risk of diabetes to a greater extent.

Another good benefit of swimming is that normal cholesterol levels in the body . Thanks to regular swimming lessons the risk of cardiovascular problems is reduced by almost 4 percent.

Swimming is also the reason for the suppression of asthma symptoms. Unlike exercises that are performed in the room where, in most cases, the air is dry, the pool is saturated moist air, which helps reduce asthma symptoms.

Swimming helps to normalize body weight. Some people incorrectly believe that because the pool water is colder than body temperature, it will be much harder to melt fat in our body. On the contrary, today, swimming is recognized as one of the most powerful kinds of exercises to burn calories, which is a great way to control weight.

The exact number of calories burned, of course, depends on your own physiology and the intensity of exercise, but as a rule, for every 10 minutes of swimming: backstroke — burned 80 calories, style freestyle (crawl on your chest) — 100 and 150 butterfly stroke, which is highly impressive!

The benefits of swimming in manifests itself in a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Swimming stabilizes and strengthens the heartbeat. In addition to visible fortifications muscles, like chest and triceps and biceps, swimming also helps improve the most important muscle of our body — heart. With this aerobic load improves blood flow throughout the body.

Also this sport increases the flexibility of your body. Unlike trainers in various gyms that tend to isolate any part of the body at the moment, when swimming the body is in a large range of motion that helps joints and ligaments stay loose and flexible. The hands are placed in a wide arch, the legs are free to move and bend, the muscles of the thighs are stretched, spine straight.

The benefits of swimming for men is undeniable — it allows to form the classic T-shaped silhouette, while not building up too much muscle mass, as for strength training. In addition, swimming normalizes male sexual organs.

Swimming strengthens the muscles, increases muscle strength and muscle tone unlike other cardio workouts. Take, for example, the runner. He runs around the track and his body moving through the air at a time as the swimmer moves through the water, in which the density of the substance 12 times more air.

While swimming, your body is working without the burden of your skeletal system . When the body is immersed in water, it automatically becomes easier. What does this mean? The pool is ideal for overweight people or with painful arthritis without joint pain to work on lean muscle mass. But if the pool water is heated, it is beneficial to the strengthening of the joints. Here what are the benefits of swimming!

Swimming and different types of aerobic exercise can be used collectively. With increasing levels of obesity in children to spend the weekend with family in the pool, hikes, to arrange a morning or evening jog.

Be healthy, strong and meet every day with smile on your face!

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