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How not to gain weight during pregnancy


Weight gain during pregnancy – a completely natural process, given the nature of the program. But with modern lifestyles, this may not be a boon and a problem.

The causes of weight gain

Increase in body weight during pregnancy is unavoidable. Modern norm is the set of 10-15 kg 3-4 kg – fetal weight, 600-700 g – the placenta, about 800 g – water, 900-1000 g – an enlarged uterus, about 2.5

kg – increased blood volume and (attention!) 2-3 kg – body fat. Accumulated fat reserves necessary as the “airbag” in case of famine and during pregnancy for the development of the baby and during breast skamlova because milk production requires a lot of the body energy (500-800 kcal / day).

During pregnancy the need for energy from food, increases by about 20%. From here follow the popular myths – the expectant mother should eat for two and she can’t afford to refuse. Many of them do, really starting in 2, or even 3 times more than before conception, forgetting that we should not lean on high-calorie, and nutritious food.

In addition, learning about pregnancy, women often start to avoid all sorts of physical activity also promotes the burning of calories.

Not always overweight – a consequence of overeating. If the weight began to increase more than 400 g per week, most likely, you have formed an internal or external swelling that may indicate problems with the kidneys or heart. In this case, do not delay with the visit to the doctor.

What are the dangers of excess weight

A set of excess weight can be not only a cosmetic problem. If overweight in pregnancy increases the risk of complications such as:

• late gestosis,

• metabolic disorders, gestational diabetes,

• hypertension,

• swelling, including internal,

• varicose veins,

• shortness of breath,

• digestive problems,

• constipation,

• hemorrhoids,

• pain in the spine and joints, injury,

• obesity in the child,

• intrauterine hypoxia in the fetus.

Excess body weight can lead to difficulties in childbirth: uterine activity, gaps due to the loss of tissue elasticity.

A big layer of fat on the stomach interferes with the diagnosis palpation during examination by a doctor. If necessary, caesarean birth, it complicates access to the uterus and, therefore, lengthens the time of surgery.

And all this apart from the fact that after birth, formed one of the main problems of young mothers – how to get rid of 5-, 10-, 20-pound “baggage” and fitting into my old pants.

How to keep your figure during pregnancy?

The recipe to preserve your body in shape, in fact, is always the same: proper nutrition and adequate physical activity. And the ladies in the situation here does not make exceptions.

Here are some of the principles of nutrition of the pregnant woman, not very willing to get better:

1. The first and most important principle is that the power needs to be full. No strict or mono diet! Keep the weight (it’s a smooth set in your case), but not fast – you can hurt the baby, depriving it of needed energy.

2. Minimize the use of digestible carbohydrates (primarily, it’s fast food and confectionery, fizzy drinks).

3. Enter in your daily diet cereal – useful and nutritious dish, rich in vitamins and fiber. In addition, they are beneficial to the bowels, to which pregnant women often have problems.

4. Replace the sausage and low-fat sausages boiled or stewed meat.

5. Increase the intake of vegetables, replace them pasta, potatoes.

6. If you find it hard to withstand the breaks between meals, eat as often as I want but in small portions. This is especially true in the later stages, when the growing uterus back stomach. Snack not sandwiches, and fruit, vegetables or low fat cottage cheese.

7. With permission from watching the doctor, from time to time arrange fasting days.

8. If you don’t believe in your willpower, write down everything you eat during the day – so it’s easier to track what goes into your stomach and what can be safely removed from the menu. In addition, the need to fix every piece makes you think, and if you want to eat at the moment.

9. Of course, observe the General restrictions imposed on nutrition in pregnant women: a complete rejection of alcohol, limiting coffee, fatty and spicy dishes, the rejection of exotic and/or untested products.

The ideal load to maintain physical fitness for pregnant women:

1. Hiking;

2. Swimming;

3. Yoga and exercise for pregnant women.

Focus on the level of their loads before pregnancy, not increase them, so as not to provoke a miscarriage. Avoid abdominal exercises. When unpleasant sensations, feelings of tension and, especially, pain in the uterus, immediately stop activities and rest.

While controlling your weight, being in position, don’t panic because of the extra 3-5 kg – this is not a reason for stress. But don’t forget to listen carefully to your body and to the opinion of your attending physician – after all, every pregnancy is unique and is different!