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How to stop dreaming, and start to run in an interview with Elena Kalashnikova



Hi! There are no secrets 🙂 I’m 27, live in Moscow, and — Mineral Water. I moved here when he entered the University of tromsø (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation), graduated in om with honours as a Manager-economist. The growth I have about 1.60 m and a weight in the warm season was 48 kg, now 50.

I admire runners at your level! For me this is still something elusive and very difficult, although I run at the stadium in the summer and spring.) And how did it occur to you to go Jogging? How it all began?

I ran in school like boys. While studying at the University was almost the only girl who never missed a pair of physical education. And even then, guys stare like I’m just running in a circle, until the bulk of shirk, and often tried to use this as a topic for conversation.

Later I started dancing, and running went by the wayside. But at some point, when I felt that running in Moscow becomes fashionable: there are many large-scale competitions, the Moscow marathon, Run Moscow — I began to participate in them. My first race was in April of 2013. After trying to participate in as many as possible of such events.

How far is your favorite?

Last year I trained for a marathon and for the first time ran through him, and very proud of it. I understand how much effort and discipline it costs for a runner myself and grateful for their fortitude. This is my favourite distance.

How much are you running per day during training?

During marathon training I ran from 6 to 35 km. Now while not preparing for a particular start on the street running from 7 to 12 km, the arena may 17-20, depending on the plan.

Do you have a coach or are you doing yourself?

Question to the point! This year I have a trainer, he is a master of sport in the marathon and me is a training program, which I do own. It controls my workout in the on-line” and sometimes joins me on the most difficult “work”.

You have your own blog f …does it to you to be disciplined and not to slow down the pace of their achievements? And that gave you a blog?

I think the blog is a very strong motivator. I got it while training for a marathon, and immediately felt changed my approach to training: if I had to go for a run, if not like, but now I felt I was being watched friends and couldn’t let them down. In General, training has become more active.

I write there often, as the work of a full day and almost daily workouts are time-consuming. But in General I try to be helpful to runners, want to motivate to achieve and shares his experience. Very happy when it turns out to inspire readers to workout.

Are you thinking about something for long distances or it’s more like meditation for you?

During the race I think mostly about when to eat/drink and whether it is necessary to beat out the runner in red. It’s not like meditation ) Rather on strategic and tactical planning.

As you struggle with the loss of motivation and generally in a bad mood? If, of course, it happens.

When I have a plan, I don’t back down from him. And now, when the live coach watching me, is somehow just can’t miss.

Have you been injured?

No, so far managed to avoid them. Once off sharply increased loads became sick periosteum, but I took action and it was gone.

Give me some advice to novice runners.

In running important gradual. If you ever ran, do not immediately start to run 40-50 miles a week. The load should be increased by not more than 10% per week. Overall the fan is best to start to run the club, for example, Nike plus or Adidas Runbase — there you will find a group of like-minded people and be able to ask questions to the trainer.

Do you use any gadgets, shagometrom or applications running? Advise something!

Recently I had the Garmin heart rate monitor, use it for tempo and interval training. It also captures the basic for the runner: the route, the pace, rises in the distance… heart rate Monitor — a very useful gadget, but without him you can do if your workouts usually take place in a quiet pace. But without which no cost, no one is an app on the phone. I use the Nike plus, it is comfortable and familiar. But there is endomondo, mi coach, run keeper, and many others. Not tried them, but I think that they have roughly the same functionality.

How you consider, whether in the gym to prepare for a big street race? For example, running on the track.

No. The track and the asphalt — it’s like two different worlds.

I have seen your reports from different cities. Where are most like to run?

My most unusual race was in Austria — Wings For Life World Run. There the basic idea is that the race at the same time starts in 35 cities, and he has no specific distance — everybody’s running, until you catch up to a special machine. And overall distance was in the suburbs, fresh air, cool. Loved it! This year the race will also be held in Kolomna near Moscow.

Is it important for you to win, numbers, minutes? Or main part, and you enjoy the races?

I love numbers and enjoy growing your own limits. For medals I do not claim, but I want to be faster than your friends and acquaintances.

Have a favorite model of sneakers and the company? Here I’m crazy about almost all women’s Nike!

My favorite — the Nike Lunarglide 6. In a ran in them a total of about 500 km, including Moscow and Run the Istanbul marathon. They are very beautiful.

What kind of activities are you into besides run? Power, Pilates, or may be even yoga?

As I said, I have been dancing for about 5 years. Love the choreography. Once went to Pilates, and running helps me a lot with short videos yoga for runners youtube — warm up and hesitate.

Lena, how’s the food? What I want to change in it to make it healthier?

You found my weak spot! Never been interested in diets and calories and didn’t know what McDonalds before coming to Moscow. So eat haphazardly. Can have Breakfast sandwiches in the office to buy some kind of lunch, and for dinner I cook something simple.

Now begin to study the question of food, as athletes is not only important to properly and regularly to eat, but also to keep track of proteins, carbohydrates and iron in food. I want to understand, but for now just know that a week before the marathon you need to start eating pasta every day.

It would be nice if you could give me a little bit helped and gave some approximate ration for actively running man. And I want to know at least a couple of recipes porridge. Preferably simple and products that are easy to find) Maybe you can help me? They say that before the races porridge — the best Breakfast.

Agreed! Soon will review the information and write an article about nutrition for runners, and you then tell me in my blog, not sure it will fit you.

What are the immediate plans, ideas, dreams?

A Grand idea 2015 — to run a marathon in 3 hours. Well, on the way to this, I want to set new records at distances shorter.

What would you recommend to people who are just beginning their running journey? Where to start? It is not necessary to be afraid of?

Best to start with the selection of sneakers (you can pass a special test in the Nike store in the atrium or Run Lab), listen closely to consultants and only when the correct pair of shoes will have you, go out for a run. Also suggest that you talk with runners, read forums, websites, blogs, talk to experienced people about your goals and ask how to achieve them. After all, any sport should be approached intelligently!

And I recommend to add to run something else. Yoga or Pilates, gym, dancing… If full training no time to look for something on youtube. 1-2 sessions per week will help to keep in tone the muscles while running involved to a lesser extent, but necessary for good results. Strong press, strong buttocks, stretching — this is very important for the runner.

Thank you for the interview! I hope you have inspired my readers to move any more. Me you just managed to convince!