Why you need to do yoga
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Some practical tips how to run
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About the benefits plavanie


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About the benefits of swimming

The benefits of swimming in a pool or in open water is invaluable. This physical exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, leads to tone our muscles, improves the functioning of all internal organs, energizes and has a beneficial effect on emotional state. The coaches of the club “World Class” claim that swimming can efficiently relieve stress, relax the body, relieve fatigue, improve elasticity of the skin. The water, resisting the body, acts like an experienced massage therapist – she effectively exercises all the muscles, relaxing them and toning at the same time.

The popularity of swimming involves, not least, to the fact that this kind of physical activity does not require high material costs. In warm summer days you can swim in the river, the nearby pond, lake or to go to sea. And in the winter there is an opportunity in a convenient time to visit indoor pools. You only need to grab a towel, bathing suit or swimming trunks. It is also desirable to obtain a permit from the health care provider (will require help in the pool, it is also necessary for those who decided to visit the network of fitness clubs “Swim &Gym” ).

The doctors keep saying that swimming has a therapeutic effect and helps to improve the condition in many diseases, such as:

— hypertension;

— degenerative disc disease and other back problems;

— pain in joints;

— varicose veins.

Swimming is one of the few sports that has almost no contraindications for physical condition. It is recommended for people at any age, the only thing that is adjusted is the type and intensity of stress.

After a workout in the pool improves sleep, improves mood and more life energy. For people who are overweight, swimming is a great way to lose weight and tone weakened muscles. In water calories go much faster, as you have to overcome the resistance of water. Slimming Bormental in combination with regular visits to the pool will allow you to achieve stunning results in a short period of time. Cool water stimulates circulation, activates metabolism, so fat stores go much faster.

When visiting the pool, you can do the workouts varied and interesting: swimming with obstacles, competition for time, water aerobics, jumping, diving – all this can be combined, selecting fascinating complex.