Self-control during physical activity
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Healthy skin - healthy organism
  Area of clinical medicine that studies the function and structure of the skin as in a condition of normal and various pathological conditions, and also engaged in the treatment…

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Healthy lifestyle and fitness

Healthy lifestyle and fitness are almost synonyms for millions of people. However, some approaches to training are not good for your body. Often not enough nutrition, overtraining and “overdose” of various extreme beauty treatments are the reason for the weakening of immunity, the existence of numerous colds, and permanent injuries. The impact of unhealthy fitness and weight loss. Excessive efforts in this area and an inappropriate lifestyle can cause your weight loss program will not work.

Fitness and your mode

First of all, does not add health intense exercise if you systematically do not get enough sleep. The doctors of the University of Rhode island has shown that out of 100 people sleeping only 5 hours a day almost 80% of struggling unsuccessfully with weight loss, although attend intensive cardio and even do strength exercises. The reason for this phenomenon is ambiguous reaction to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This substance may provoke a decrease in immunity and slowing of metabolism. In the end, weight loss will require much more efforts. If you do not get enough sleep regularly, do only light exercise – walking, Biking, yoga. These types of fitness help to reduce cortisol levels and normalize sleep.

Rather poorly helps


and for those who work weekends and neglects the vacation. According to the Medical College of the University of Maryland, workaholics usually lose weight only from ultra-intense training combined with a rigid diet. Their body is constantly living in a state of stress, therefore, dietary restriction and light exercise for them – “easy walk”. Doctors recommend to install a more efficient mode of work – rest completely at least once a week, learn relaxation techniques, periodically empty the mind from work problems, and your fitness training become more effective with the same intensity.

Fitness and your nutrition

Proper nutrition is understood by very many people as a kind of strict diet without any concessions, in fact, the diet should be chosen according to your physical activity.

Most detrimental to health the following strategies:

• A strict diet with the complete exclusion of all animal products and without the full use of vegetable protein in combination with visits to strength training and high-intensity cardio. In this case should be limited to yoga lessons, directions Reasonable Body and medium intensity cardio.

• Five-time consumption of protein combined with complex carbohydrates and a complete lack of training. You may consume more calories. than necessary, as protein in such numbers just are not digested by the body. As a result, instead of losing weight you will get problems with digestion and the digestive tract.

• Drinking alcohol in large quantities, followed a grueling workout. This approach to fitness can destroy the heart and liver, and lead to the syndrome of constant overtraining. To obtain relief muscle or good results will fail because the recovery will be insufficient

Train wisely, adjust your lifestyle, and you will definitely be not just skinny, but slim and healthy.