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Run to Istanbul


Autumn in the exciting city of Turkey is the traditional marathon, which attracts thousands of people from different cities of the world. The initiative group of joggers and media group “Life in Turkey” this year also decided to join. The main thing – the desire, even if you never ran. It is important, however, to follow certain guidelines that sports were for the benefit and pleasure. Shares her experience with a fan of marathons, winner of the second category in judo, a versatile person, who loves life in all its manifestations – Andrey Avramov.

Istanbul marathon remains 9 months. How well you can prepare for this time, if it never ran? What distance will actually overcome the beginner? What do I need?

To prepare for a marathon in 9 months. Man the mighty and tenacious. About the incidence of training in books and social media is full of these stories: people drank, smoked, fat, abused girls, and then looked at myself in the mirror, ashamed and in a year you ran a marathon. I even read about one guy 35 years, who has time to prepare for a distance iron man triathlon – marathon in swimming, marathon, Cycling and, in fact, our running a marathon). True, he crawled to the finish line on hands and knees, but crawled. We have to prepare, of course, possible for almost everything, but it seems to me that the years from zero to marathon – a little. At least two, better three. Actually we don’t know how much one extremely quickly prepared have injured and disappointed. Yet the marathon is a serious distance. In addition, training would like to health benefits, to how to prepare the joints, bones, cardiovascular system, and it’s all at once on command from the brain to prepare. It takes time to consolidate the positive daily change.

But 10 miles is a great distance for a beginner. And for the year it is quite possible decently to prepare. And, in principle, the result 50-55 minutes at 10 km look for men non-athletes it is a decent, and for the girls – just wonderful. But, 10 km distance, also require training. And you need to train seriously 4-5 times a week for 0.5 to 1.5 hours a day.

Now a lot of different training plans available ranging from “to finish the distance of 10 km” to advanced “to run 10 km in 40 minutes and steeper. You need to select the most suitable for your level of fitness and start. Time to spare. And testing can show, for example, that problem is generally continuous running for 30 minutes. Then, we just need to start, there are training plans that help develop this skill.

What preparatory work must be done before running?

As the joke of the angry coaches to learn to run – need to run, and they are right. This is perhaps the easiest way of preparation. But, really, if people for 10-15-20 years not ran further than for trolley, it will be useful stretching exercises, twisting, especially in the lower extremities, also not interfere with the complex OFP for runners – on the Internet you can find various complexes, and, possibly, for starters, will need several weeks just to walk at a brisk pace for half an hour, forty minutes, an hour.

Many are afraid that running is bad for your health, especially for the spine and knee joints. What are strict contraindications?

As the ancients said – usually attributed this phrase to Hippocrates – everything is poison and all of a cure.

Unreasonable, accelerated classes, for example, give the marathon in three months is likely to lead to injury, which frighten. Gradual “vagiana, metered load, on the contrary, will give so much advantages that a year later weird will look all these questions that are now asked. And, of course, consultation with a doctor (preferably sports) but, more importantly, of course, is to listen to your body and not too “chasing horses” I know many veterans running for 70 and 80 years, running back for half a century, and have not heard about any injuries of ligaments, joints, spine in excellent condition and they are still able to compete with youth.

How important is proper breathing? Is it worth it to work with the breath separately, before Jogging?

As far as I know, apart from breathing, sometimes work, sometimes incorporating techniques from the Arsenal of Indian yoga gymnastics, but these are some exotic and special methods of training professional athletes, allowing further increase anaerobic threshold. But usually running in different zones is a great exerciser for breathing.

What are the most common mistakes beginners “runners”?

The main the most common mistake is haste. Establishing unrealistic goals, reassessment opportunities, inability to stop, to slow down. That is, if a novice runner it seems that everything is fine with him, actually he would probably need to slow down. To exercise regularly, but not to exhaustion. I helped simple advice – for starters, for the first few weeks, and preferably months, the running step length should not exceed the length of the foot, and breathing throughout the route should be such that it was possible to maintain a quiet conversation. And, of course, another enemy is doubt – “can I, do I want”, “not harmful”, “morning or evening”, “whether in winter” – all these issues can get caught up like a centipede, which wondered what foot to go, but was unable to make a decision. But the fact that tomorrow, just need to finally get out and run but not to run too fast, that’s all.

How important the right clothing and shoes? And always if the price and the brand have meaning?

Now paradoxical thing to say. When we were young athletes (I was doing judo) all of our running form consisted of woolen olimpiek, cotton “sweat pants, and sneakers with wool socks. As we wound in a sports camp for the afternoon 40-60 laps – 10-15 km Every day. And before lights out at bedtime and for special “services” circles 30. That is, in “good” days before the half marathon. And in the armed forces, I had a chance to escape a forced March of 40 miles in the heat at +30 C in canvas boots, fully armed, with a coat in the roll.

30 years ago EN masse was no running shoes, not to mention all their current diversity, with the support of the foot, in the air, on the gel, spiked…. Also, of course, stepped away industry sports clothes made of synthetic materials, all sorts potawatomie, protivooterne, teplosohraneniya, breathable technology. But I want to say that it’s certainly a very pleasant and useful things, but this is just “the icing on the cake.” As one runner – runner except for running shorts and sneakers nothing.

These things are not a necessity, but, nevertheless, very help us to live and train comfortably. It is difficult to convey the bliss that comes when you manage to correctly choose Jogging shoes and clothing.

On the market the running gear is now about the same situation that the market for cars. Clearly, if you buy a car for 10 thousand dollars – she will go, but it will be a little different level of comfort than in the car for 25 thousand and 50 thousand is already here quite well. Well, if you want surrounding you watched with interest, it makes sense to take 100 thousand or more.

It’s the same with sneakers. Actually the year before last collection of over 4 000 5 years ago was touted as a “revolution.” And such “revolutions” happen two or three times in five years, and every year. So, say, there’s no point unless you want to arouse the envy of others, put 10-12 thousand in a few “revolutionary”. On the other hand, shoes for 1 thousand rubles, most likely, will not impress. Serious cross-country firm – “ASICs” and “Mizuno”, I use them for a long time and very satisfied. The first set of outfit you can buy in the “Decathlon”, for example. Further, starting to run, it will be possible to draw the conclusions, and look for “his” company, clearly aware of what qualities are necessary and which are a clever marketing ploy by the manufacturer.

If you train seriously, you should probably pay attention to food?

I liked how at the time, Murakami wrote. Murakami, by the way a marathon runner, they usually say little and know little. So, when he started practicing, then smoked. And two weeks after the start of training realized that Smoking prevents him to run, and gradually, he stopped Smoking. The same thing happens with food, I can confirm from my own experience. You’re not doing anything special, just practicing, and at some point, you realize that if you ate the evening, in the morning on training stabs in her side, and that the meat is really hard… And pancakes… and alcohol… Rational eating habits, it is yours, is inevitable and fixed. And it’s not a diet no, and you just become another, without any violence against you.

What gives running, including you personally, when you train regularly?

Running really clears the mind, consciousness, allows a long and legally to be alone that in our busy time of great luxury. In addition, as a result of regular workouts in the body appears such a pleasant lightness, and, as aptly expressed by one acquaintance runner, in the blood like champagne bubbles. I want to jump, to laugh for no reason, like a child. How long have you had this experience? A runner is experiencing every day! It’s hard to voluntarily give up.

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