Reporting from Paris Marathon
The Paris international Marathon is one of the ten largest in the world and in a "gold" three of Europe, together with London and Berlin marathons. In 2014 was held…

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How to develop (increase) endurance
  Man has always sought to enhance its capacity through various measures and using different methods. We often think about how to improve memory, alertness, immunity, performance, etc. but rarely…

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Why you need to do yoga


The modern pace of life creates us a lot of trouble. Speed is stress. poor diet, fatigue and lack of recovery time. Add to this a sedentary lifestyle, both at work and driving. Back problems and obesity, but also chronic fatigue gradually become constant companions of modern people.

What can yoga help?

Here is what is offered handouts:

the practice of yoga allows you to release stress;

to improve the mood;

to energize;

to find peace;

to enhance operability.

classes help to achieve the proper weight;

to recover from disease and injury;

to keep in top shape and health;

to look attractive at any age.

What are the benefits of yoga over other systems of physical exercises?

The yoga really few contraindications. It has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body. And unlike some sports, yoga may continue to exercise throughout life, thereby significantly increasing its quality, even in his old age.

The meaning of yoga exercises is to take control of your body, thoughts and emotions to go for their goals. All this complex system, designed to learn how to relax and prevent any feelings of your own order. For a short period of time your body and mind time to rest and recover. In this state, all systems of the body come into balance and begin to work quietly and efficiently, which is particularly beneficial in restoring a healthy metabolism. The ability to effectively relax and quickly focus contributes to the accumulation of energy and competent in its use. This is the aim of special postures which takes a yogi and a rhythm of breathing. In parallel with exercises yoga prescribes certain direction of thought, focusing on correct breathing.

For those who appreciate a toned body, yoga offers a wide range of possibilities. Many say that the classes allowed them to become much tougher. Special exercises involve stretching, forcing the muscles to feel as if static and not dynamic tension. For example, this is the objective of the exercise, allowing to withstand the weight of your own body, keeping the balance in the special unusual pose. And it may be even harder than the forceful and vigorous exercise.

The effect of yoga manifests the deeper, the more attention people pay to other recommendations regarding lifestyle, exercise routine, sleep, work and rest, proper nutrition.

Overall, adherence to the system of yoga allows a person to lead his life to a balanced state. For good health and mood positively affects the relationships with other people, and on health.

Why you need yoga now?

Because today we all feel the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. Not uncommon with these face effects even those who seemingly knows all about health. For example, many doctors have extra weight, skin problems and a long depression. Such you will not find among the yoga instructors. Those who have already embarked on the path of self-improvement, go on it your whole life. Because yoga is not just exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

Many celebrities have successfully applied the teachings of yoga in their lives. It gives them strength and energy with which they are confidently moving towards your goals. No wonder the US is so common yoga centers. The mentality of successful people is a distinguishing mark of Americans.