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How to be healthy for many years


The human body – oiled self-healing, the body “knows and feels” that he needs for health and how to heal. Look at children, they choose exactly the food they need at the moment for health, a small child will not say, after tasting the cake that is delicious, but when eating the berries, it “still” will surprise You. Even chocolate, the child begins to eat immediately, usually the necessity in this product is tested not earlier than three years. And see how the child behaves with water. It out of the water not to pull out, and sometimes he just doesn’t want to swim. The healing power lies with us, but, unfortunately, we too quickly lose the

ability to heal. But the main condition for the preservation of health is still to listen to your body. Health is good health, high efficiency, cheerfulness, quick recovery for diseases, the resistance of the disturbed ecology, harmonious work of all organs of the body.

To maintain health, one should follow a healthy lifestyle. If You want to know, how many years will you reside . take the quiz on the website.


Movement – physical activity necessary for health. Movement is life. There are two types of motor activity is normal movement and exercise. All kinds of useful activity, but in everyday movements are not all muscle, greatly overreach and some do not receive the load of others. To be healthy, you need to load all the muscles, that’s why there are trainers and gyms. However, a visit is not necessary if You use the coach will choose a set of exercises that adds strain on those muscles, “rested” during the day;

A healthy diet will help us to be healthy for many years is the basis of prevention of disease, the correct diet allows you to feel good throughout the day without gaining weight;

Healthy sleep is necessary for health, numerous studies show that when lack of sleep may cause obesity, heart disease. People with sleep disorders are more likely to get in a stressful situation, they have depression and other health problems;

Avoiding harmful habits allows you to regain lost health, but you need to rebuild completely the diet, be sure to perform purification of the lungs (Smoking) and liver (when drinking). Get healthy after quitting bad habits is difficult, but doable.

The optimism.

1.Motor activity

Movement is life and health, said already in ancient times. To maintain the health movement is needed. In the age of technology our physical activity decreased to a minimum. We get to work on transport, we climb to the apartment by Elevator, we have no hard physical work at home, because there are vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other benefits of civilization. In the evening we go for walks, and watching television or “hanging out” on the Internet. And the movement of the body, without it, our health will not improve. Sometimes it’s easier to go to the gym or on fitness than to force yourself to do something at home. Go! Choose what You like and learn! Of course, you can suggest to walk to work and climb the floor without using the Elevator. But we’re always in a hurry! One way out – the gym and stay active. Motor activity – the need for a healthy lifestyle.

2.A moderate and healthy diet

No matter how much I go on about the need to limit yourself to food, people continue to consume the food in incredible amounts. And still need to eat less and to think about the quality of the food. First of all, the body needs vegetables and fruits, they are good because almost all of them can be eaten without restriction. Fruit is a great substitute for sweets and desserts, vegetables is a good complement to meat and fish dishes. Meat and fish, as a source of animal protein, too, must be present on your table, but meat should not choose a fat varieties and use poultry, fish can be eaten in any quantity. Better foods do not broil, braise, bake in oven or cook. For good body better not to eat, actually, getting up from the table a little hungry, after a few minutes you feel that You ate at the time. But if you go to a state of satiety, you will soon feel heavy in the stomach. It is necessary to You? Don’t fill up on the night, but not go to sleep hungry. A healthy diet means balanced. Do not be lazy once to see which products contain proteins, fats or carbohydrates, in what quantities, categorically refuse products with TRANS-fats. Making one diet proper diet, You do not need long and tedious to count calories. Your goal is to be healthy, to it and should strive for.

Be sure to drink enough liquid. Better if it is clean water. But some of the fluid can be replaced with unsweetened juices, fruit drinks, vegetable broths. The average person should drink 2 litres of fluid per day. Scientists talk about whether drinking of water before a meal. In this case, the person eats less food, but it will come faster saturation. A person needs daily “trick” your body, because the feeling of fullness occurs later, the end of the meal. If You eat food as much as You feel necessary to meet the energy costs, then after a while You will feel heaviness in the abdomen. Do not overeat.

3.Restful sleep

The need for a good night’s sleep in our times relevant to health like never before. The doctors talked a lot about movement and nutrition, but here is a dream somehow passed it by. To manage everything, people began to sleep less. And now the doctors sounded the alarm, found a clear link many diseases, especially the nervous and mental, associated with lack of sleep. Healthy sleep and its effect on humans is still not studied fully. People have different need for sleep duration. But the usefulness of sleep as one of the main factors of health is undeniable. Doctors suggest that you sleep 7-8 hours to feel healthy, but it has been questioned, because there are people that do not require sleep like this duration. A healthy body is able to adjust the need of the duration of sleep and to adjust the mode when changing time zones.

A separate line may be noted the need for proper rest. From stress salvation can be not only a dream, but proper relaxation. Each person can choose for themselves the appropriate method, it walks, reading, listening to relaxing music, yoga. But don’t let yourself relax, stimulating the nervous system of various energy drinks, pills, drinks, tranquilizers. Sooner or later the body will not stand the load, then we can talk about health with your doctor.

4.Quitting bad habits

Bad habits combined with the right way of life impossible. If You smoke, ask the doctors or dieticians, health, useless. First of all, you need to stop Smoking, and only then to think about how to become healthy.

Abandoning Smoking, spend cleansing the lungs, you need it. Engage in breathing exercises. Often be outdoors. Freedom from Smoking is an important step towards a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the consequences will be felt for a long time, but to fully restore health, refusing tobacco.

5.An optimistic view of life

Be optimistic! Find light even in the dark. Believe that God never gives us trials that we can’t stand. Any test, no matter how hard it seems, it takes from us in a heap of trouble. Envy, anger, sadness without reason considered mortal sins. They kill, first of all, You, reflecting adversely on health. Laugh often! Healthy people are usually optimistic and cheerful.

Bring your thoughts in order. The chaos in my head is not conducive to health. Don’t promise more than You can do not grasp the fact that can do. But do not say “can’t” prematurely, a person can much more than he thinks. Find a hobby, get an education.

Human life is unique and unrepeatable. It is given to man once, you have to live it fully and happily. Happiness is impossible without health. But the opposite is true, the question of how to be healthy, you can answer: need to be happy!

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