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How to start exercise at home


Everyone knows that sport is the key to health and a good figure. However, very often we find ourselves a hundred excuses, and sports remain optimistic plans for the future. Or will power is enough for the first few days or weeks. So how to form a habit of healthy living? How to start exercise at home and to achieve effective results?


Home fitness is a great opportunity to keep yourself in shape for those who do not attend the club. No financial possibility to buy a ticket, no one with whom to leave the children or mind the time on the road? In these cases, the sports house is what will help you to be in harmony with your body.

Of course, at home workouts has its drawbacks. The most important of them is the need to fight with my laziness. To motivate yourself to do exercises at home is usually more difficult than to gather in the gym. Another drawback is the lack of an effect of belonging to the team. In the gym you join the crowd of people with common goals and get into the atmosphere, which do not want to boil the pot. But at home you can relax and not push yourself.

However, the advantages of training at home gym too. First, you save money and time. Secondly, you plan on when, how much and what you do. Even a short but regular exercise at home can be much more effective than periodic trips to the gym, when we finally managed to find the time”.

Safety first!

So, if your choice fell on a home fitness, you need to start with safety rules. This is especially true if you have decided to start doing sports in 40 years or more, having no such experience before.

Trip to the doctor will not hurt, especially if your age is not the youngest. If you have any chronic diseases, consultation of a specialist is necessary.

Rule # 2. Listen to your body.

Start classes, check their condition – how well do you feel there are any unpleasant pain. If you are uncomfortable sensations during exercise, stop and rest a little bit or change the exercise.

Rule # 3. Do not forget about warm-up and hitch.

Warming up before exercise helps to warm up the muscles and prepare them for more serious load. Starting to do intense exercise without a warm up, you risk damaging joints and ligaments. At the end of class be sure to do hitch – good exercises that will help release the body from the operating mode. Abrupt cessation of exercise is bad for circulation, since the blood in this case remains in the muscles.

Useful tips – how to start exercise at home from scratch

You want to lose weight? Or to remove belly fat? Want to become fitter? Or improve health? The presence of clear goals creates more motivation – after all, you know, strive for. In addition, you will be able to track the progress towards the desired result and to assess the success of the practice.

Select the time when you want to do – someone will approach the morning, some prefer to train in the evening. It is desirable to make lessons daily, but if this is problematic, select a convenient schedule for you. And try not to be late and not to miss a workout – let everything be as if you walked into the gym.

Home training should be as close to the lesson in the hall. Buy comfortable sports clothing and shoes, as well as the necessary equipment – Mat, dumbbells and other accessories. Try to you are not distracted – turn off the phone, tell family members about your training.

Mark the days sports activities, record progress. To see results, record your weight, measure your waist and hips, take photos “before” and “after”. All this will help you not to stop there.

Tip # 5. Start small.

Do not just threaten to Olympic records, so you run the risk of quickly be overloaded and lose interest in studies. For beginners is quite suitable for daily 15-minute morning exercise. Eventually, when you get used to the mode and feel that the classes are easy, increase the duration of workouts.

Tip # 6. Find a suitable training program.

Well, if you’ve visited the gym and have an idea of how to build your workout. How to start exercise at home girl or young man, who has never trained? In this case you can use the Internet. There are many resources for home fitness. For example, channels Fitness Blender and BeFit on Youtube, the Wellness portal Live, training with Jillian Michaels, Cindy Crawford, Olga Novikova and many others.

On the Internet you will find useful information about how to start exercise home workout videos for every taste, age and level of training. Young and energetic can choose aerobic and strength training high intensity. And older people more suitable for Pilates, yoga and joint exercises.

Start exercising at home, and soon you will realize that your efforts were not in vain!