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How long should I practice yoga to achieve results, how long should I do yoga to


Hatha yoga gives visible results only if the regular classes. The man who decided to practice yoga, you must develop the habit of taking classes constantly. This is one of the conditions for successful practice sessions of yoga, the observance of which will help to achieve results.

How long to do yoga for beginners

Yoga is not welcome excessive zeal. This will lead to the fact that a novice will not retain interest, “burn out” and leave the classes, and not only of huge benefit to which they bear. Two classes per week – the optimum amount for beginners. Gradually the body will get stronger, absorb energy, and then people will realize that it is time to increase the load, increase the complexity of the asanas. To this we must go slowly, slowly, listening to their capabilities. To gradually move to the changes in your own body, we recommend you also review its system of food and try to cook as well as eat yoga. a balanced diet get rid of weight with the stomach, will provide a feeling of lightness throughout the body.

The achievement of external indicators is not the goal in yoga. Strength, flexibility and beauty of our bodies come with regular practice. The most important thing is the presence of harmony in each class. If there is no harmony, these lessons cannot be called yoga, it will be a mundane exercise, what is gymnastics or acrobatics, for example. This line is hard to draw for beginners, because to turn away from the everyday and to feel harmony difficult. Modern people are not used to focus on your inner world, to trust him. So answering the question when you can achieve results in yoga, the first place there is the question of achieving inner harmony.

Practice designed to help people listen to their inner world, to understand the feelings and desires. This way is slow, slow, but he is reliable and tested for thousands of years. The road of knowledge will lead to happiness and joy, which is impossible to achieve without a harmonious approach. The same harmony is achieved only through a gradual entry into practice.

Classes will have the desired effect, teaching them to listen to themselves, to find harmony and to experience peace. These are the main ultimate goal, but to achieve them, developing a habit in the initial stages.

How much yoga per week for logged-in practice

Upon successful completion of the stage of addiction, you can move on to workout three times a week lasting one and a half hours. This mode is suitable for those who are engaged in full force. The body needs not only to load, you must give him a chance to recover. If a person does not use all possibilities of the body, and given that yoga is more than the immersing of one’s self than physical activity, you can engage in on a daily basis, leaving one day for complete rest.

However, it should be remembered that the expenditure of a certain amount of strength and energy helps to make the exercises easier and more effective next time. The reserve forces play out over three days, so practice is held once a week, will be perceived by the body as if it is held for the first time. In other words, the results from such exercises will not.

When is the best time to do yoga

An important factor is timing. So, in the morning the body is still not flexible enough to practice asanas, so when conducting studies in this time of need preliminary exercises and stretching.

Intense exercise is best done in the afternoon or evening, but not later than three hours before bedtime. Yoga – it is the energy that prevents a person to fall asleep, the body after the practice should stop.