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Treadmills – home is best!


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“Not terrible

bad news, start running in place…” – that is sung in

the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky. And this is not a joke and

not “witty” writer. Now it is undeniable that the psychological

the stresses are the cause of many diseases. In particular,

diseases of the heart and vascular system.

Fun and

an immense feeling of joy that running brings, are

incentive to repeat the Jogging again and again. After all, running – this knocking psychological stress physical, giving a condition known as runner’s euphoria. Unfortunately, not always within easy reach there are suitable stadiums,

parks and squares. Causes of complexity and changeable weather. But what if

came home from work, and it’s already dark?

Many of us are familiar with the process of internal

struggle and subsequent dissatisfaction when you win the fainthearted reasons to stay

revenue can come home treadmill simulator that allows you to run or walk, stay in one place. Located in your room, it will provide an opportunity to Jogging and walking,

from the comfort of your comfortable home, in any weather and at any time, and help

to win physical inactivity and stress.

For home can

1. Mechanical . These simulators are not

have engine. Their principle of operation is based on the fact that the runner moves the canvas

independently in the process of moving due to the friction of the legs about him. Physical load is varied by changing the angle of the walking belt.

2. Mechanical

still, no, but at the expense of a strong magnet created smoothness.Mechanical running units for homes equipped with speed counters,

distance, pulse, calories burned. The same intensity of running you ask

on their own, because they do not have built-in training programs.

The advantages of mechanical devices:

small size and footprint;

don’t consume power;

the price is lower than the electric machines;

3. Electric . The electric motor drives the mechanism, he

used to adjust the level of incline Jogging device.

The range can be quite large (up to 22 degrees). Track motor are all listed above sensors fitted

a wide range of training programs. Selecting for physical electric running machine, you can

to recreate even the cross-country running.

You should pay

when choosing such a useful home

sports equipment on the following parameters:

Depreciation. Running is the load on knee joints and ankles.

Pick up the equipment with a fairly “soft” running belt, not to cause them harm.

Should be taken into account. what a complex and effective system of depreciation, respectively, and have very high


The power of the engine. For a home treadmill is enough for 1 to

3, 5 horsepower.

The heart rate monitor. Often pulse sensor built into the handrails of the machine, but due to heavy

sweating the measurement accuracy may be impaired. If there is a need

constant heart rate control, you should find a track with remote sensors,

fastened on the wrist, for example.

The possibility of folding. If the apartment is small, it is now on the market of sporting equipment there is a possibility

find a folding treadmill with high functionality.

And to finish this topic with words from

the same song of Vladimir Vysotsky: “In scoring even a novice” because:

the shells are easy to use;

the house, in case of fatigue, you can just take a shower and lie down;

classes are held without foreign presence, not shy and not

think about the looks;

home track is always hygienic and clean;

the acquisition of the simulator – a one-time investment in your health, unlike

regular fees for use of the gym;

useful for Jogging every free minute between household


the instrument stores only personal testimony, you can watch

the dynamics of personal improvement;

And, finally, and have some fun: