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How to develop (increase) endurance


Man has always sought to enhance its capacity through various measures and using different methods. We often think about how to improve memory, alertness, immunity, performance, etc. but rarely remember that it is necessary to improve the performance implications of not only intellectual, but also physical activity. This applies to both professional athletes and ordinary people, not related to sports almost nothing. Have you noticed that you find it hard to walk long distances even at a slow pace? You can hardly walk up the stairs more than three stories? You can’t ride a bike without the shortness of breath? Then you

urgently need to increase endurance, which will come in handy in everyday life and in the workplace. Because endurance is to strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems that are responsible for the health of the whole organism.

What is endurance

Under endurance often imply the possibility and the body’s ability to cope with heavy loads over a long period of time. Regardless of the type of activity, endurance helps to resist fatigue, occur in the process. Figure stamina each different, someone able to work within 24 hours, and not feeling any signs of fatigue, and someone is running out of steam after the first two hours of operation. There are also cases, when the endurance is minimal, and a person can’t even sleep at night to recuperate, and he wakes up tired. Endurance training involves a set of activities, which include proper nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle, relaxation and rhythm of life. In addition, there are General and special endurance, each of which requires a special approach. General endurance is the ability to perform work with medium or low intensity for a long time, and special involves confrontation of the body fatigue, which occurs when intense and prolonged exertion particular activity. Depending on your needs, you must decide what kind of endurance you need to develop.

Products for endurance

We all know that our diet affects our body and its work. Therefore, the first thing to do if you are trying something to change in yourself is to make a proper diet and a diet that will promote change. To increase endurance, you need to include in your diet contribute to this products. These include tomatoes and tomato juice. rich in antioxidants, prominent among which is given to lycopene.

Next in the list of products for increasing stamina – caffeine. It improves the tone of the body and provides energy. But this does not mean that you need to drink 10 cups of coffee throughout the day to improve his stamina. There are many other more safe and useful products, which include caffeine.

Raisins are also necessary for endurance. This is due to the fact that the raisins facilitates the oxygen saturation of blood, normalizes the brain and improves cell nutrition, which has a positive effect on the whole organism.

Green vegetables and apples increase muscle tone, giving the ability to carry large loads and reduce pain during exercise. In addition, these products directly increase stamina.

Physical activity

For the development of endurance, it is recommended to apply different training methods, among which deserve special attention of interval and continuous. Each of these methods has its own characteristics, you ought to alternate, if you want to achieve maximum effect. One of the best and most popular ways to develop endurance is running. But note that it needs to be running long distances. Regardless of my pace, try to gradually increase the distance you ran, otherwise the effectiveness of this method will be minimal. Replace the running by jumping rope. This method also applies to continuous and involves a systematic increase in the load. Do some snorkeling, which in addition to the development of endurance will help you strengthen almost all muscle groups and improve health. As for interval training, exercise to pick them according to your needs and preferences. The main condition of such training is the repetition of the action after a short rest. Interval training often include several approaches, after which there is a change exercise.

The impact of recreational endurance

Improved stamina – not an easy task. To develop the stamina you need to have enough strength and energy to increase daily stress on the body. No matter how much you plan to do during the day, take care of proper rest, providing it with ample time.

Working 24 hours a day, you are unlikely to develop endurance, but only drain your body, which soon will become not only hardy, but not capable. After work, leave all your Affairs and problems outside the home. Here you need to relax and unwind and not just change the location to complete tasks superiors. Learn to relax and discard all the negative thoughts, resting not only physically but also mentally. You must be at least one full day off a week, a day where you can sleep and take care of herself. As for sleep, it needs to be full and healthy, and, consequently, to last at least 7-8 hours. Rest does not necessarily mean lying on the couch and eating Goodies. Spend your holiday actively, meet with friends, go Hiking or on a picnic, go to the cinema or theatre, or simply take a stroll in the Park.

Lifestyle and endurance

The man who decided to improve endurance, needs to take care of your lifestyle and create the most suitable conditions to achieve your goal. First of all, you need to make schedule, which will take into account all the peculiarities and needs of the human body. In the schedule must be present for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, time for work, time for sports, as well as the time allotted for rest and sleep. Compliance with such regulations will develop in you not only endurance, but also discipline. In addition, if you want to achieve good results, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, to desist from such bad habits as Smoking and drinking alcohol. They significantly reduce the performance of the respiratory and cardiovascular system that will bring all your efforts to zero and will not achieve the desired goal. Don’t forget about continuing to strengthen the immune system. because only a strong and healthy body is able to withstand stresses, both physical and mental. Akalaitis, exercise, eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your endurance will soon become the object of envy of others, and you will once again make sure in their own abilities and determination.