How to stop dreaming, and start to run in an interview with Elena Kalashnikova
    Hi! There are no secrets :) I'm 27, live in Moscow, and — Mineral Water. I moved here when he entered the University of tromsø (Moscow State Technical…

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The benefits from swimming in the pool for men
  There are many reasons that can inspire us to go swimming, the simplest of which: a systematic swimming prolongs human life. Another good reason to go swimming is that…

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Nordic walking is a hobby and therapy

It is perfectly suited for lazy citizens. Because of the Nordic Walking experts say. This sport in Latvia is interested in more people. Today Latvian
Nordic walking enthusiasts officially finished the season, reports & transfer “; tonight & quot; on LTV7.

Tion – a single pensioner. Although since three years ago, she took up Nordic walking, lonely herself she no longer believes.

The woman says that because of this passion, she found friends. Most of all she likes to engage in Nordic walking along the boardwalk in Kengarags – say, the road there beautiful.

Now walk with sticks twice a week for these people become the norm.

Nordic walking procedure developed by Finnish skiers in the 40-ies. But the truly massive this sport began in the late 90’s, when the production of special sticks. In Latvia came just walking in the 2007th. Since then, it has carried away 30 thousand people.

The secret to the popularity of Nordic walking in its simplicity. You can walk anywhere. From inventory only need a stick.

With this walking training 90% muscle. A calories burned almost twice faster than usual. It is recommended for diseases of the spine and heart.

Today, fans of Nordic walking has officially completed the regular season. However, this does not prevent them from engaging in sports and in the winter, when the weather allows.