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How to choose the right shoes for your workout


To exercise were comfortable, pleasant and safe, to the choice of shoes should be approached with great seriousness, because correctly matched pair — reliable helper and defender in all sports endeavors!

Choosing shoes

Poor quality or simply inappropriate sneakers can cause serious problems

— diseases of veins, joints, muscles and even spine. Therefore, two main rules of choice of shoes is very simple:

1)it is better not to save and 2) waive beautiful but not designed for the specific sport sneakers.

Running shoes should be very comfortable to discomfort not distract from the practice. It is important that they are fit for the sport and protects the foot from injury — was protected from the “twisting” of the foot, provided the fixation of ankle stability feet. Flexible sole, heel tough, easy — the signs of quality sports shoes. It is best to train in running shoes, allowing for adequate air exchange, with the insole that can be removed and dried.

In addition to a versatile sneaker, suitable for all kinds of sports, there are specific shoes for specific training that will help you to choose the shopper ’s Highest League”.

Shoes for functional and strength training

The main criterion in choosing shoes for strength training — thick sole. It should not bend and deform so that during the lifting of dumbbells and other weights, You could confidently keep the balance. These shoes are suitable to practice the cycle, rigid surface protects the foot against squeezing the pedal straps, and discomfort when pressure on the pedal itself.

For functional training fit shoes with good traction with the floor, and with a good cushioning system in the sole.

Dance shoes

For dancing, latina, strip plastic, you need to choose special shoes with soft sole where the heel and toe sole separated from each other — it should be easy to bend the toe and pull the foot. For directions desirable Street dance leather shoes with flat soles, resembling sneakers, so it was convenient to make a sliding movement.

Shoes for aerobics and step

Shoes for aerobics may be higher than shoes for other sports. This allows you to lock channels to prevent ankle joint injuries. Because aerobics is very dynamic, you will need a flexible and lightweight running shoes to move easily and conveniently. Wide toe and narrow heel running shoes provide better grip with the floor.

When doing step, the main burden to fall on the heel and leg joints, so the choice of shoes should first pay attention to the degree of cushioning of sneakers.

Running shoes

For running best lightweight running shoes fit very ideal fitting on the leg. Flexible toe, allowing for a better push off from the ground, and reinforced heel. It is important that running shoes had the ability to mitigate the impacts during contact with the ground, i.e. had improved shock absorption.

To buy shoes better in the evening than in the morning: by the end of the day your feet swell, and You will be paying more attention to the comfort of shoes. Also note that during training the feet may begin to swell in size, and between fingers and toe shoes must remain small space.

Choose a model with laces and rivets and Velcro leave for shoes weekend;

Choose sneakers with technologies that match your workouts.

When fitting always wear both shoes and walk along the fitting room area. During the walk You need to feel a little fingers toe shoes, but not to rest in him.

To prolong the life of sports shoes, it is followed properly care. After each session, you need to pull the insoles and dry them along with sneakers in a warm place (not to put on the battery and not drying with a hair dryer!).