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How to choose an elliptical trenger


Thanks to its versatile abilities elliptical trainer is gaining more and more fans. With its help it is possible not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, to gain muscle mass. Its cost is rather big, since it completely replaces the treadmill and stepper. Having made the decision to buy the device, it will be useful to learn how to choose an elliptical?

Key features

Choosing a suitable trainer . should be aware of its classification. By type of drive load it is divided into such types:

Mechanical. Low in price but give uneven load, since it is necessary to use muscle strength. During training affected knee joints.

Magnetic. It is not noisy and more durable in contrast to the mechanical, as well as smooth. The principle of operation is the movement of the flywheel with magnets.

Electromagnetic. It is the most accurate setup, quiet and provides a smooth ride. Electromagnetic elliptical trainer allows you to program the load and to execute it according to the specified parameters.

Type location load are distinguished:

Front-wheel drive. Allows you to engage in a horizontal position. More suited to people having high growth.

Rear-wheel drive. When doing a person accepts a position as while running or skiing.

Also pay attention that there are exercise machines that are equipped with different programs. This function is suitable for those who are looking for serious training. The simulator provides a simple and lightweight program, among which you can choose the most suitable one.

Individual criteria

Sorting out the question of how to choose an elliptical trainer . it should be noted that it is important to determine how often you will use it. Depending on this there are professional devices and equipment for home exercises. When buying a trainer should pay attention to the following factors:

The dimensions of the room. For small area is suitable for your device compact and folding patterns, to equip sports room, choose instruments premium.

The intensity of training. With infrequent workouts, no more than two times per day, ideal trainer entry level with manual adjustment of the load. To practice through the day, choose magnetic equipment with smooth running and a wide range of programs. Regular exercise require professional device with an electromagnetic actuator.

Purpose of the use. Simulator do for weight loss, figure correction, preparation for sports competitions. Depending on this factor, choose the device, for example, there are models for large weight or celebrity nude loads only for the upper body.

An elliptical trainer is good because it is suitable for training both young and older people. To practice it is not necessary to have special training, he gives good load, but does not overload the joints.