How to be healthy for many years
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Fatigue during muscular activity
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Home fitness what exercise to choose.


Always be in good shape great shape and help physical activity. Not enough time to visit the gym? Give fitness club at home!

You should not buy a lot of trainers – decide what you need: to lose weight or stay in shape. 
the Machines are of two types: cardio and strength. First endurance, the second – force. At home you’ll need

exactly cardio (aerobic) exercise equipment. They strengthen muscle mass, regulate heart activity helps to burn calories. The palm among them hold a treadmill and an exercise bike.

Treadmill. Like walks? Your option – a treadmill. What are the pros? Workout it speed up metabolism, stimulate the burning of calories, this is the perfect option when you need to lose weight quickly. Is mechanical (the canvas in motion leads the running man), and electric (with electric).

The exercise bike. Will help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, develop the muscles of the buttocks and legs. The trainer is easy to use and the price is relatively low. Vertical stand for the seat ideal for the beginner – trainer similar to a Bicycle. Horizontal Bicycle minimizes the load on the spine and joints – that’s a plus, if you have back problems. The pedals are located in front and you will be in a half-sitting position.

Simulator very quickly pay for itself with a vengeance. If your budget is limited, do not have to buy the installation with twists (heart rate sensors, measuring calories, you passed mileage, etc.). The most important thing in the trainer – this is a physical activity.

Choosing a trainer, consider the features:

For a start, will determine where it will be “live” the trainer is, how it can take place. Ideally we should be all: you order in the classroom to be able to watch TV or read a magazine, and members of the household, so they didn’t have to constantly bump into him. Watch out during practice drafts.

If it is possible to allocate an entire room or loggia under the gym – perfectly. If not – the best place for trainer – bedroom. If there is a shortage of free space, then why not choose a folding treadmill. And you can store it in a closet or under the bed.

The elliptical trainer is a trainer that combines a stepper and a treadmill. The advantage of this sports equipment can be considered as follows:

– when walking involves all muscles of our body. This is very important for our body;

– when training, to avoid heavy loads, the legs are always bent, it is also not unimportant part in sporting activities;

– motion on the elliptical trainer performs both forward and backward. This gives an advantage over other trainers.

Acquiring a trainer. you will primarily take care of their health. With constant training increases the flow of oxygen, that is, your aerobic capacity will be on top. And this is a great achievement. With the elliptical, you will always be in great shape. The beauty demands victims? But the elliptical is not sacrifice, but a pleasure.

Make up your mind what kind of load you. Love Hiking? Choose a treadmill. ‘t mind to climb stairs with no lift – then the stepper. Right attitude is the height of the simulator: the leg should be almost straight. If it is bent or you have to stretch for the pedals – trainer installed incorrectly.