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Gymnastics and exercises for the heart and blood vessels of the brain, legs and neck


Dystonia vessels is a common blood circulation disorders, the causes of which can be associated with both genetic predisposition and external factors. Stress, lack of exercise, Smoking, investigation diseases – all this leads to the fact that the blood vessels are in a high tone. The narrowing of the lumen leads to disturbed blood flow, increase blood pressure, especially if there is a diagnosis of neurocirculatory dystonia”. which greatly aggravates the course of these processes. To help restore full circulation may not so much by pharmaceutical. how many

active lifestyle and simple exercises for vessels.

Training of capillaries is a prerequisite for the recovery of the vascular system

The smallest blood vessels – capillaries. They are responsible for the life of every cell of the body, bringing to it the nutrients and get rid of the decay products. The capillaries are filled with the human body, their overall “length” is not less than 60 thousand kilometers. If the flow encounters an obstacle in the form of narrowed impossibly vessel, then in the next cell will be accumulation of toxic degradation products that will not be displayed in a timely manner. This will lead to the appearance of the disease not only in the cardiovascular system, but also in other vital organs.

Japanese scientist and healer, Kazuzo Niche called the blood of the “river of life” and created a whole system of healing the body through exercise capillaries and exercises for strengthening blood vessels :

The most simple, but effective technique that can improve the state of the capillaries and blood circulation – exercise-vibration. To do it in the morning, not getting out of bed. Lifting up the legs and arms, simply finely and frequently shake them for 1.5 – 2 minutes. Besides the unique vibratory capillaries, occurs and the reallocation of lymphatic fluid, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

Another exercise from the Arsenal of Niche – the “Goldfish”. Lying on a flat bed, you have to put your hands under the neck at the level of the fourth cervical vertebra, pull the toes, and strained, play small vibrating movement of the whole body, like a fish. This exercise helps get rid of excessive tone of the nerves located in the spine, and promotes active circulation.

To train the capillary vessels need regular, repeating the exercise twice a day – morning, after waking and in the evening.

Video: an exercise by the system of Niches

How to get rid of spasms of cerebral vessels

Circulatory and vascular dystonia – causes that give rise to spasms of cerebral vessels. Clinical manifestations of spastic attacks familiar to many. It

Recurring headaches. dizziness, change of blood pressure;

Nausea, impaired speech and motor coordination;

Tinnitus, memory impairment;

Fatigue and a sharp decline in health.

To provoke vasospasm may be stressful situation, the change in atmospheric pressure, chronic diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis. for example). To minimize the risk of spasms, should strengthen the cerebral vessels. This will help healthy eating, observance of a mode of work and rest, medicinal herbs and special exercises.

To improve the blood supply to the brain in complex daily gymnastics should include movements that require changing the position of the head tilts from side to side, rotating his head, flips and somersaults. During exercise you need to follow the breath, movements of the head to perform smoothly, without jerks. When unpleasant sensations, nauseous, very dizzy gymnastics should be interrupted and resumed after a short rest, reducing the intensity of the movements.

A set of exercises to improve blood flow in the brain

Performed standing, feet – shoulder width apart. Rotate the head clockwise and back within 2-3 minutes.

I. P. is the same. With your arms up, interlace the fingers. Lean forward, performing a movement “chopping wood”. Repeat 8 times.

I. P. is the same. Leg swings alternately: left leg of something original to the right hand, right leg to left hand.

I. P. is the same, the knees slightly bent. Arms stretched to the sides and make an asynchronous rotation: left hand to rotate forward, right – back. Exercise improves memory and speed of thinking.

I. p. – lying on your back, legs and arms stretched along the body. Raise the straight leg as high as possible, hands to support the lower back. Run the rack “birch” to 5 minutes.

Great exercises for the vessels of the brain is dancing. Performing dance steps, an individual trains the coordination, the blood is oxygenated, it improves circulation. The vessels of the brain become more elastic, reduced their tone. In addition, dancing is a great way to relieve emotional tension, relieve stress. And this is a very significant factor in improving cerebral blood vessels.

Video: a simple exercise to strengthen weak blood vessels

Strengthening of the leg vessels – a confident gait in healthy life

Payback for walking upright – increased the pressures exerted on the veins of the legs. The weakness of leg veins can lead to blood stasis. and as a consequence, to the emergence of serious injury to veins. For the prevention of vascular diseases of the legs there is no better means than the movement. To reduce the load on the lower limb, exercise more efficiently carried out in water. Swimming, water aerobics, adoption balneo baths and even a simple douche feet with cool water – it stimulates blood circulation and makes blood vessels in the legs to shrink, decompress with more intensity. Such regular charge for vessels contributes to strengthening them and making the walls of the leg veins more elastic.

A set of exercises aimed at strengthening blood vessels of the legs

I. p. – standing on the floor, feet wider than shoulders. Lean forward and down, pulling the fingers the surface of the floor. When performing tilting the foot to keep straight.

I. P. – sitting on the floor. Legs dissolve as much as possible, Hands folded at chest level, bending forward to get gender bent arms. To ensure that the legs remain straight. Every 8-10 inclinations to do a moment’s pause.

I. P. – on your knees. Arms stretched to the side and start walking on his knees back and forth. When fatigue is to lie down on the floor and catch my breath.

Exercises for the prevention of venous insufficiency of the legs and varicose veins

For the recovery of the vessels of the legs helpful Jogging. If you come to the training without excessive fanaticism, dosing exercise intensity and duration Jogging, the benefits will be apparent. Contraindications for training can be:

Eating shortly before Jogging;

Noise or humming in the ears;

Weakness in the legs;

Greatly reduced blood pressure.

If you experience excessive fatigue or discomfort when carrying out jog is better to stop and do some breathing exercises to restore breath and go for a walk. To increase the intensity of your workouts only when the body fully adapts to the increased physical stress.

Video: preventive exercises for the legs

Healthy blood vessels in the neck is the key to good health

The neck is an extremely important part of the human body. Here are the vital arteries that carry blood to the brain and spinal column. Weakened muscles in the neck will cause a person to constantly strain to keep your head and back straight. This voltage leads to compression of the vessels, the terminal nerve endings. Hence the violation of blood circulation. headaches, high blood pressure and other unpleasant symptoms.

Strengthening neck muscles, you can restore the vessels of the neck and thereby cure ailments. Among the exercises is dominated by pan, tilt and rotation of the head. All movements should be performed very smoothly, not forgetting to follow the correct breathing. Good results are obtained Chinese gymnastics where there are no sharp and active movement. Exercises for the neck vessels and strengthening of muscles can be performed at home and at work – it does not require specially equipped places.