The benefits from swimming in the pool for men
  There are many reasons that can inspire us to go swimming, the simplest of which: a systematic swimming prolongs human life. Another good reason to go swimming is that…

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Self-control during physical activity
  The right choice physical activity is the guarantee of a positive effect. Regular exercise is extremely necessary and are an integral part of any programme of rehabilitation (restoration) of…

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What do you think of yoga on water


Yoga attach great importance to water as a hygienic and therapeutic means.

Yoga uses water for inner cleansing.

It is known that water performs in the human body the role of the vehicle. It supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients and removes waste products of metabolism. To perform the necessary functions of water in the body should be enough, because the day a person secretes through the kidneys, lungs and skin about 15 glasses of water. It is clear that these losses

must be replenished.

According to yogis, many people, unfortunately, almost never drink clean water, and this leads to various diseases. When insufficient flow of water in the body malfunctions in many of its systems, especially it negatively affects the digestive and urinary systems, lack of water contributes to the increase in the concentration of salts and joint disease. Without adequate water, impossible, natural purification of the blood, which is the cause of intoxication.

In addition, water also affects the duration of human life.

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