Reporting from Paris Marathon
The Paris international Marathon is one of the ten largest in the world and in a "gold" three of Europe, together with London and Berlin marathons. In 2014 was held…

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How to quit Smoking without gaining weight
Quitting Smoking is difficult, especially for women who fear that by stopping Smoking, they can get better. How to quit Smoking without gaining weight - here are the steps that…

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What do you think of yoga on water


Yoga attach great importance to water as a hygienic and therapeutic means.

Yoga uses water for inner cleansing.

It is known that water performs in the human body the role of the vehicle. It supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients and removes waste products of metabolism. To perform the necessary functions of water in the body should be enough, because the day a person secretes through the kidneys, lungs and skin about 15 glasses of water. It is clear that these losses

must be replenished.

According to yogis, many people, unfortunately, almost never drink clean water, and this leads to various diseases. When insufficient flow of water in the body malfunctions in many of its systems, especially it negatively affects the digestive and urinary systems, lack of water contributes to the increase in the concentration of salts and joint disease. Without adequate water, impossible, natural purification of the blood, which is the cause of intoxication.

In addition, water also affects the duration of human life.

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Running and its benefits


Interesting article – running and its benefits, will be useful to every reader who wants to not only lose weight but also to restore the vigor and activity of life.

Running is a simple and effective way to lose weight, which perfectly helps to cope with a bad mood. Running helps to be cheerful and upbeat not only for one day, but permanently.

Many will say that running is not effective for weight loss, after which

only you feel very hungry, and the pounds return. Of course, if you run in the morning and immediately eat, you can still return the unwanted pounds.

So you should be extremely careful and strict with himself.

Want to lose weight – don’t fill up immediately after the run, and find, through being able to eat well, but don’t forget to constantly be in motion. Because a sedentary way of life will never lead to an efficient result.

Make it so that running has become their favorite pastime.

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