How long should I run on a treadmill
  Treadmills are a great trainer, which is in many gyms. With its help a person can regulate your heart rate while running, measure your running speed, set the stride…

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What physical activity is allowed in IVF
Last time we looked at the principles of nutrition in IVF cycle for women, but, in addition to food, important role health plays and physical activity, so today we'll focus…

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How to lose weight and to maintain weight after weight loss


To lose weight without much dieting and strenuous exercise want almost everything. Of course, to lose weight fast at home can. For example, we all love Alla Borisovna Pugacheva lost weight repeatedly.

Help to lose weight in a week to 10 kg and 12 kg, promise many methods. But, it’s not that fast to lose weight, but for keeping a slimming result.

How to maintain weight after weight loss

With the problem of re-gaining weight faced by virtually everyone who has ever been on a diet or tried to lose weight by exercise. According to statistics, stabilize weight manages only 5% of those who had once managed to lose weight. What are the reasons repeated weight gain and how to avoid it?

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How to eat on race day


You — it’s what you eat and drink. Of course, food and liquids that you consume, affect the physical condition and doubtless the runners know about it. But the complexity of counting calories, different kinds of rumors and other factors can lead to errors in the diet. And if the experiments in nutrition during conventional training can be part of your plan and allow you to learn the necessary lessons, you make a mistake before the start is quite undesirable. Runnersclub advises runners what to eat before, after and during the competition to improve your running result.

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Raise the motivation! Train in spite of all!


Let’s be honest, to always find the motivation to practice is one of the most difficult tasks in fitness. That is why many drop out of classes, they lose motivation. In this article I will present 18 reasons why that you do not lose motivation.

Raise the motivation!

So here they are:

1. Imagine that you are competing with someone.

Imagine that made a bet with a girl that is slightly slimmer you that you would follow her. Always imagine it a little slimmer and you will never stop!

2. Reward yourself

If you feel that you are well practiced that the job is done well, reward yourself. Buy new uniforms, new gloves for working in the hall or sneakers. You will feel a surge of energy and want it all try and apply!

3. Try a new food

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