The benefits from swimming in the pool for men
  There are many reasons that can inspire us to go swimming, the simplest of which: a systematic swimming prolongs human life. Another good reason to go swimming is that…

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What do you think of yoga on water
  Yoga attach great importance to water as a hygienic and therapeutic means. Yoga uses water for inner cleansing. It is known that water performs in the human body the…

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How to develop (increase) endurance


Man has always sought to enhance its capacity through various measures and using different methods. We often think about how to improve memory, alertness, immunity, performance, etc. but rarely remember that it is necessary to improve the performance implications of not only intellectual, but also physical activity. This applies to both professional athletes and ordinary people, not related to sports almost nothing. Have you noticed that you find it hard to walk long distances even at a slow pace? You can hardly walk up the stairs more than three stories? You can’t ride a bike without the shortness of breath? Then you

urgently need to increase endurance, which will come in handy in everyday life and in the workplace. Because endurance is to strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems that are responsible for the health of the whole Continue reading

How long should I practice yoga to achieve results, how long should I do yoga to


Hatha yoga gives visible results only if the regular classes. The man who decided to practice yoga, you must develop the habit of taking classes constantly. This is one of the conditions for successful practice sessions of yoga, the observance of which will help to achieve results.

How long to do yoga for beginners

Yoga is not welcome excessive zeal. This will lead to the fact that a novice will not retain interest, “burn out” and leave the classes, and not only of huge benefit to which they bear. Two classes per week – the optimum amount for beginners. Gradually the body will get stronger, absorb energy, and then people will realize that it is time to increase the load, increase the complexity of the asanas. To this we must go slowly, slowly, listening to their capabilities. To gradually move Continue reading

Why you need to do yoga


The modern pace of life creates us a lot of trouble. Speed is stress. poor diet, fatigue and lack of recovery time. Add to this a sedentary lifestyle, both at work and driving. Back problems and obesity, but also chronic fatigue gradually become constant companions of modern people.

What can yoga help?

Here is what is offered handouts:

the practice of yoga allows you to release stress;

to improve the mood;

to energize;

to find peace;

to enhance operability.

classes help to achieve the proper weight;

to recover from disease and injury;

to keep in top shape and health;

to look attractive at any age.

What are the benefits of yoga over other systems of physical exercises?

The yoga really few contraindications. It has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body. And unlike some sports, yoga may continue to exercise throughout life, thereby significantly increasing its quality, even in his old age.

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