Home fitness what exercise to choose.
  Always be in good shape great shape and help physical activity. Not enough time to visit the gym? Give fitness club at home! You should not buy a lot…

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How to develop (increase) endurance
  Man has always sought to enhance its capacity through various measures and using different methods. We often think about how to improve memory, alertness, immunity, performance, etc. but rarely…

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The Benefits of swimming with prostatitis


Charcot’s douche is effective in the treatment of internal diseases. incontinence, impotence and prostatitis. Treatments hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy Wellness shower, Therapeutic bath Benefits of swimming in the pool Bath treats funny greetings happy birthday Men brass helps with prostatitis. In case of serious back problems, doctors sometimes strongly recommended to swim “swimming breaststroke”, omitting the face and As with prostatitis, periodontitis is fixed with a high level of inflammation.

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Yoga classes in osteochondrosis of benefit or harm


It is known that flexible, slim and healthy today to be fashionable! Increasingly popular day by day gaining activities aimed at maintaining and gaining flexibility, stretching and strengthening the muscles gently. There are many stretch – technician, based mainly on yoga. Yoga – it is not only a sport but a lifestyle, a philosophy. It is believed that yoga can not only give the body an attractive shape, but also help to cope with a number of diseases. So whether it ’ s find out together!

What is osteoarthritis and how is it manifested?

Very common today, the disease that can cause trouble for both the elderly and very young people, is osteochondrosis .

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Healthy skin – healthy organism


Area of clinical medicine that studies the function and structure of the skin as in a condition of normal and various pathological conditions, and also engaged in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases is called in modern medicine in dermatology.

Leather, as you know, protects organs and internal systems of the body from the external environment, but no less in need of care and attention. Because the skin is constantly exposed to aggressive external influences and infection often cause skin diseases with the development in the

structure of anomalous changes. We should not forget that the integuments skin are indicators of the state of the organism as a whole, so any disruption of its internal systems and organs are manifested in the form of eczema and different kind of rash on the skin. What to do if problem has already arisen? To help in their decision you will be able dermatologist .

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