Hyperglycemia – causes and symptoms of hyperglycemia
  Hyperglycemia – clinical symptom denoting high blood sugar (glucose) in the blood serum. Hyperglycemia appears mainly in diabetes mellitus or other diseases of the endocrine system. There are several…

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Gymnastics and exercises for the heart and blood vessels of the brain, legs and neck
  Dystonia vessels is a common blood circulation disorders, the causes of which can be associated with both genetic predisposition and external factors. Stress, lack of exercise, Smoking, investigation diseases…

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Recover after a workout


As you know, when we’re just starting to exercise, I try to force myself, struggle with laziness, try to persuade your body to go to the training “one more time” in the hope that all of a sudden he “wants” to go to the gym and “feel” utility sports

But the fact that just need to start doing and give the body a rest, so he had “come in” before the next session, and the next trip to the gym was not excruciating torture for you.

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Elliptical trainer for pohudeniya


Elliptical trainer for weight loss – a great tool not only to achieve the desired weight, but also maintain the tone of all muscles of your body. Classes on the elliptical trainer can substitute for training on a treadmill and the stepper at the same time!

Elliptical trainer:

Workout on the elliptical trainer are significantly different from training on all other machines. All other shells offer in isolation to

train some specific muscle groups, as elliptical when using simultaneously all the main. No longer have to choose – to give the load on the hands or feet, because the whole body gets it evenly!

If you will be consistent in their practice, you will strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular system, will gain an unprecedented endurance and forget what shortness of breath when climbing on high floor walking.

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The benefits from swimming in the pool for men


There are many reasons that can inspire us to go swimming, the simplest of which: a systematic swimming prolongs human life.

Another good reason to go swimming is that this sport significantly reduces stress, improves lung function and improves the ability of the brain . During the voyage stand out «happy chemicals», the so-called androgyny — this is the most pleasant side effects that occur when swimming. The benefits of swimming for the human body is huge.

The benefits of swimming in the pool. The benefits of swimming for the body is proven by scientists. Swimming activity contributes to a kind of relaxing functions for our body . we receive from yoga. This is largely due to the function of stretching and relaxation of muscles combined with deep, rhythmic breathing. Swimming is also a meditative exercise, because the sound of his own breathing is distracting.

The benefits of swimming in the pool is to develop the skills of swimming.

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