How to choose the right shoes for your workout
  To exercise were comfortable, pleasant and safe, to the choice of shoes should be approached with great seriousness, because correctly matched pair — reliable helper and defender in all…

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Sports how to start and do not quit
  Anyone who wants to start doing sports and not to throw a class, need to know some principles and tips for sports. Them over a lot, but need to…

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Fatigue during muscular activity


Fatigue should be considered as a complex process, affecting all levels of activity of an organism (molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism) and is manifested in the totality of the changes associated with shifts of homeostasis, regulating, autonomic and Executive systems, development of a sense of fatigue, temporary loss of efficiency.

At the beginning of intense muscular activity the performance of the athlete is constantly increasing – is vrabotuvanje . The presence of the period of work is a biological pattern and is typical for any job. During

the period of work is developing the necessary movement patterns, is the mobilization of the autonomic functions of the body systems, which mainly ensure the delivery of this work. The period of work is shorter in athletes of high qualification (high level athletes, reach their maximum oxygen consumption Continue reading

Healthy skin – healthy organism


Area of clinical medicine that studies the function and structure of the skin as in a condition of normal and various pathological conditions, and also engaged in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases is called in modern medicine in dermatology.

Leather, as you know, protects organs and internal systems of the body from the external environment, but no less in need of care and attention. Because the skin is constantly exposed to aggressive external influences and infection often cause skin diseases with the development in the

structure of anomalous changes. We should not forget that the integuments skin are indicators of the state of the organism as a whole, so any disruption of its internal systems and organs are manifested in the form of eczema and different kind of rash on the skin. What to do if problem has already arisen? To help in their decision you will be able dermatologist .

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What physical activity is allowed in IVF

Last time we looked at the principles of nutrition in IVF cycle for women, but, in addition to food, important role health plays and physical activity, so today we’ll focus on this one.

Mode on physical activity for women during the cycle of stimulation and after the embryo transfer you need. This is primarily due to the increase in the volume of the ovaries during the ovarian stimulation by gonadotropins due to the growth of the follicles that exceeds the norm. Sometimes / ovary can grow to 10 or more follicles, which creates the need

to limit physical activity.

In General, the mode should remain the same as it was prior to stimulation. However, adherence to certain restrictions it is advisable for any woman in the cycle of stimulation. So, contraindicated any physical activity, accompanied by the shaking of the body, vibration, lifting, risk of falls, Continue reading