About the benefits plavanie
  diving crawl breaststroke free swimming learn to swim dive swim technique swim and lose weight aquajogging water aerobics water aerobics water exercises are the exercise bikes workout in the…

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How to quit Smoking without gaining weight
Quitting Smoking is difficult, especially for women who fear that by stopping Smoking, they can get better. How to quit Smoking without gaining weight - here are the steps that…

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Fatigue during muscular activity


Fatigue should be considered as a complex process, affecting all levels of activity of an organism (molecular, cellular, organ, whole organism) and is manifested in the totality of the changes associated with shifts of homeostasis, regulating, autonomic and Executive systems, development of a sense of fatigue, temporary loss of efficiency.

At the beginning of intense muscular activity the performance of the athlete is constantly increasing – is vrabotuvanje . The presence of the period of work is a biological pattern and is typical for any job. During

the period of work is developing the necessary movement patterns, is the mobilization of the autonomic functions of the body systems, which mainly ensure the delivery of this work. The period of work is shorter in athletes of high qualification (high level athletes, reach their maximum oxygen consumption Continue reading

How to stop dreaming, and start to run in an interview with Elena Kalashnikova



Hi! There are no secrets 🙂 I’m 27, live in Moscow, and — Mineral Water. I moved here when he entered the University of tromsø (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation), graduated in om with honours as a Manager-economist. The growth I have about 1.60 m and a weight in the warm season was 48 kg, now 50.

I admire runners at your level! For me this is still something elusive and very difficult, although I run at the stadium in the summer and spring.) And how did it occur to you to go Jogging? Continue reading

Raise the motivation! Train in spite of all!


Let’s be honest, to always find the motivation to practice is one of the most difficult tasks in fitness. That is why many drop out of classes, they lose motivation. In this article I will present 18 reasons why that you do not lose motivation.

Raise the motivation!

So here they are:

1. Imagine that you are competing with someone.

Imagine that made a bet with a girl that is slightly slimmer you that you would follow her. Always imagine it a little slimmer and you will never stop!

2. Reward yourself

If you feel that you are well practiced that the job is done well, reward yourself. Buy new uniforms, new gloves for working in the hall or sneakers. You will feel a surge of energy and want it all try and apply!

3. Try a new food

Eat food that is different from your usual diet. No, I don’t mean candy and cakes. Try new fruits, recipes, new dishes, condiments. It will not let you get bored Continue reading