How to stop dreaming, and start to run in an interview with Elena Kalashnikova
    Hi! There are no secrets :) I'm 27, live in Moscow, and — Mineral Water. I moved here when he entered the University of tromsø (Moscow State Technical…

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Warm-up for dancers. Chinese gymnastics Shiatsu
  1. Stretching the meridians of the LUNGS and COLON. Spread your legs slightly wider than shoulders. Your toes to the sides. Take your hands behind your back with the…

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Gymnastics and exercises for the heart and blood vessels of the brain, legs and neck


Dystonia vessels is a common blood circulation disorders, the causes of which can be associated with both genetic predisposition and external factors. Stress, lack of exercise, Smoking, investigation diseases – all this leads to the fact that the blood vessels are in a high tone. The narrowing of the lumen leads to disturbed blood flow, increase blood pressure, especially if there is a diagnosis of neurocirculatory dystonia”. which greatly aggravates the course of these processes. To help restore full circulation may not so much by pharmaceutical. how many

active lifestyle and simple exercises for vessels.

Training of capillaries is a prerequisite for the recovery of the vascular system

The smallest blood vessels – capillaries. They are responsible for the life of every cell of the body, bringing to it the nutrients and get rid of the decay products. The capillaries are filled with the human body, their overall “length” is not less than Continue reading

Why you need to do yoga


The modern pace of life creates us a lot of trouble. Speed is stress. poor diet, fatigue and lack of recovery time. Add to this a sedentary lifestyle, both at work and driving. Back problems and obesity, but also chronic fatigue gradually become constant companions of modern people.

What can yoga help?

Here is what is offered handouts:

the practice of yoga allows you to release stress;

to improve the mood;

to energize;

to find peace;

to enhance operability.

classes help to achieve the proper weight;

to recover from disease and injury;

to keep in top shape and health;

to look attractive at any age.

What are the benefits of yoga over other systems of physical exercises?

The yoga really few contraindications. It has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body. And unlike some sports, yoga may continue to exercise throughout life, thereby significantly increasing its quality, even in his old age.

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About the benefits plavanie


diving crawl breaststroke free swimming learn to swim dive swim technique swim and lose weight aquajogging water aerobics water aerobics water exercises are the exercise bikes workout in the water running in the water walking in water freediving water Polo, underwater hockey, water treatment, synchronized swimming

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About the benefits of swimming

The benefits of swimming in a pool or in open water is invaluable. This physical exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, leads to tone our muscles, improves the functioning of all internal organs, energizes and has a beneficial effect on emotional state. The coaches of the club “World Class” claim that swimming can efficiently relieve stress, relax the body, relieve fatigue, improve elasticity of the skin. The water, resisting the body, acts like an experienced Continue reading